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Corporations subsidizing abortion don’t care about women  Washington Examiner

Corporations are trying to sell the idea that caring for a female employee means assisting with the cost of killing her child so she can continue to work. Thanks, feminism.

The growing list of companies pledging to pay for abortion-related travel expenses includes Levi Strauss & Co., Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, Amazon, Uber, Lyft, Citigroup, Yelp, Starbucks, and Mastercard, Axios reports. These announcements follow the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft decision affecting Roe v. Wade.

Uber and Lyft stated they would cover legal fees for drivers who could be sued for aiding in an abortion under Oklahoma’s SB 1503, the Oklahoma Heartbeat Act. Starbucks and Microsoft included travel expense coverage for “gender-affirming care” in their announcements. Salesforce also stated it will cover travel expenses and previously promised in September 2021 to relocate any Texas family concerned about accessing “reproductive care.”

Many corporate executives framed their announcements as a way to support employees.

“Like many of you, I’m deeply concerned by the draft Supreme Court opinion related to the constitutional right to abortion that was first established by Roe v. Wade,” Starbucks acting Executive Vice President Sara Kelly wrote in a May 16 letter. “I know this is weighing on many of you, so let me be clear up front — regardless of what the Supreme Court ends up deciding, we will always ensure our partners have access to quality healthcare.”

“And when actions impact your access to healthcare, we will work on a way to make sure you feel supported,” Kelly wrote.

Translation: If your pregnancy interferes with your ability to work for us, we’ll help you end it — regardless of state law.

Setting aside the fact that at least 13 major corporations have pledged complicity in murder, they also undermine their stated goal.

Messages like these don’t support, but harm women. They imply that the only important work a woman can do is for a corporation. They say her value is found in filling drive-thru drink orders from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and that having children will be an impediment. They “liberate” her from a warm home filled with children to work a mindless job and lead a life of regret.

Equality doesn’t mean erasing differences and uniquely female gifts. It means acknowledging and appreciating them.

Starbucks’s one great proposal, a generous paid leave for anyone welcoming a new child through birth, foster, or adoption, is overshadowed by the appalling first announcement — which, it should be noted, also extends to “a dependent of a partner enrolled in Starbucks medical insurance.” An employee’s underage daughter can be reimbursed for travel expenses related to abortion or “gender-affirming” procedures.

If these corporations support women, are they supporting post-abortive mothers experiencing regret and depression? How will they know if minors covered by the program are victims of abuse? Are they protecting women who are pressured into abortion?

Abortion is murder, and that burden will weigh on a woman, no matter how much she argues otherwise. Trauma and mental illness following abortions are real and documented consequences.

But corporations thrusting funds behind the Left’s favorite causes, even when it alienates a significant portion of their customer base, is nothing new. It’s why Gillette razors ran ads on “toxic masculinity” and Target recently released a line of TomboyX chest binders.

Companies subsidizing abortion don’t actually care about women. If they did, they wouldn’t be funding what will likely be the biggest mistakes of their lives.

Source: washingtonexaminer.com

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