Wells Fargo Grant Boosts Financial Literacy in High Schools – SRQ Daily Jun 2, 2022 – SRQ Magazine

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Wells Fargo Grant Boosts Financial Literacy in High Schools – SRQ Daily Jun 2, 2022  SRQ Magazine

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A grant to the Education Foundation of Sarasota County from one of the nation’s largest financial institutions could mean a greater sense of financial literacy for local high schoolers.

Wells Fargo this year funded Financial Awareness Week events in April at four area high schools: North Port High, Riverview High, Sarasota High and Suncoast Polytechnical High. A month later, the funding also supported two “Dollars and Sense” workshops at the Sarasota Military Academy.

Foundation leaders said that’s all part of effort to provide beyond required school curriculum and better prepare students for the future.

“Throughout our years of work in helping students prepare for life, we discovered the need for high school students to have an awareness of managing finances once they embark on next stages in life,” said Bianca Harris, chief program officer for the Education Foundation. “Financial literacy is equally as important to us as supporting students with college and career decisions. Without this type of literacy, high school students are less likely to make sound financial decisions that can improve their quality of life.”

The financial literacy events at the county’s public high schools were held at Education Foundation Student Success Centers. A total of 223 students visited the events, and completed daily trivia questions, quizzes, interactive financial literacy games and budgeting sheets that tested their ability to earn, spend, save and budget.

College career advisors also spoke with students about ways to save and accumulate money for college and for adult life in general after high school. 

“Over 100 students participated in our financial literacy workshop because they now have the tools, resources, knowledge and confidence to make sound financial decisions in life,” Harris said. “We look forward to hosting more opportunities to help students learn about their finances.”

Harris said the foundation has offered financial literacy support to local schools for the past two years.

“We continue to expand with more banking/community partners who care about students’ financial knowledge and understanding,” she said.

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