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Petition: Banks Are Funding Our Climate Destruction. They Must Divest Now!  One Green Planet

In 2021, the Banking on Climate Chaos report investigated the deeply entangled links between the worlds of finance and dirty energy. It found that JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America are the four worst banking institutions when it comes to funding the climate crisis, through their massive investments in fossil fuels.

Since 2016, 35 banks have poured $2.7 trillion into fossil fuels., according to a report. These big banks have also failed to respond to the climate crisis. The report also mentions that Chase in particular has dumped over a quarter trillion dollars into fossil fuels in the last four years alone.

Source: GlobalWitness/Youtube

It is important to remember how incredibly dangerous climate change is becoming to our planet and the threat it is posing to future generations. Fossil fuel finance is destroying the climate. We must hold these companies accountable for their substantial role in climate change. Sign this petition to demand all corporate banking institutions fully divest from all fossil fuels, including oil and gas supplies! They must cease funding our destruction!

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Source: onegreenplanet.org

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