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DIY Investors: Why Choose a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor  Morgan Stanley

Your family turns to you for financial advice, for good reason. You’ve been saving for retirement and reaping the rewards of annual compounding since your first job right out of school. You keep your credit card debt low and your eye on interest rates. When it comes to choosing investments, you’ve educated yourself and enjoy following the market.  

Then one day, you look at all that you’ve accomplished on your own and realize, if only life was as simple now as it was when you started investing. Your dreams and goals have gotten bigger along with your portfolio. You may have a business, a family, college tuitions, future weddings to help pay for, not to mention that vacation home you dream about. You don’t want to miss a moment — or risk your retirement savings.

Using every available online resource and tool to do your own investment research can leave you time pressed and unsure that you’re making the right investment choices.  Is there a smarter way to look at things?

That’s when it hits you — there’s only one person advocating for your financial future: You. Imagine having someone as smart and determined armed with more experience, the latest in market intelligence and sophisticated tools helping you achieve your goals

For starters, we applaud your success. Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and team will help you build on what you’ve achieved and help you take action toward your goals.

What’s more, our interests are aligned with yours. We’re transparent about our compensation from the beginning. Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors are generally compensated as a percentage of the assets we manage on your behalf. Some transaction commissions and other fees may apply depending on the activities we conduct for you in the market. We work for you, toward your goals, helping you manage change, risk and volatility. Because if it never rained, you wouldn’t need an umbrella. 

When  you did everything yourself, you knew who you were dealing with. Count on your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor — backed by the resources of a global firm — to match and even surpass the bar you set for meticulous research, comprehensive analysis and thoughtful advice. You can feel more confident knowing we’re thinking (perhaps even before you are) about how to prepare for volatility, always striving for long-term performance in line with your goals.

FACT: 97% of affluent clients feel more confident in their decision-making as a result of using a financial advisor (Phoenix Marketing, Wealth and Affluent Monitor Q3 2021).

Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can offer a full range of investments that aren’t always available on self-directed trading platforms. We help ensure you have a balance of assets in your portfolio that’s right for you. Where appropriate, we do it by helping spread your investments across different stocks, bonds and/or alternative investments to better manage risk. So, you are better prepared in both up and down markets. Interested in the latest industry innovations? Supporting environmental and social causes? Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help identify the best performing of these types of investments given your individual goals.

TOOLS: Your Financial Advisor has access to the latest in investing research, 24/7, and has tools to understand how market conditions could impact your portfolio.

Goals are personal,  planning how to achieve them should be too. We’re here to listen and build the relationship that makes sense for you. Some of our clients only want investment advice. Most receive personalized financial planning and consultations that evolve with you over time. Your life, family dynamics and the market all change. Whatever you need, you’ll have an experienced professional to respond to your questions clearly and jargon-free.

KNOW-HOW: Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can create a comprehensive financial plan based on your goals that’s pressure-tested to withstand a variety of market conditions and unexpected circumstances. 

  • Guidance on retirement, education, legacy planning and more.
  • Tax Management Strategies to help you keep more of what you have earned, from tax-efficient investing, withdrawal and deferral strategies, to tax loss (or gain) harvesting.
  • An ”open” investment platform so your Financial Advisor can offer you investment solutions, even if it’s not one of Morgan Stanley’s.
  • A state-of-the-art risk management system that visually shows your Financial Advisor where risks are in your portfolio.

We’re here when and where you need us. Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor is available to meet in person, on video and by phone, on your schedule. It’s all about what’s most convenient for you.

We hear it time and again from clients. Simply put, we listen. We don’t finish your sentences. We don’t presume to know your dreams and what keeps you up at night. Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors know numbers, but we also know nuance. We know clients are individuals with unique concerns and circumstances, and that we can’t succeed together if only one of us is listening.

FACTS: 97% of our clients say they are satisfied with the firm, and 98% are satisfied with how their Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor handles questions and requests (Morgan Stanley Client Council Survey, Q2 2021).

We make it easy to find a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor that’s right for you.

It’s time to invest in yourself and speak with a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor.

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