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Beefs & Bouquets, June 8  Nanaimo Bulletin

BOUQUET To Dean K. from Discontent City. Your service to the people of Nanaimo will never be forgotten. A true one who protects the women and the children, always doing what the 99 per cent won’t for the dignity and worth of the human being.

BEEF To my social studies teacher in the ‘90s who embarrassed students in front of their peers in a setting where young people are just trying to do their best to find their place in a high-anxiety environment.

BOUQUET To Dr. Dumper and his team. My breathing is vastly improved through your efforts. Thank you.

BEEF To the man in the Ford Expedition on the parkway who aggressively gestured and honked at us in the slow lane shouting that we were too slow going at 60 kilometres per hour. We had our young grandchildren with us. Have some patience please, this is not the mainland.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for featuring local talent. I took the time to listen to Child by Whipped Cream on YouTube. Beautiful voice and graceful video. I hope she enjoys well-deserved success, like other Nanaimo talents.

BEEF To those still whining about lost freedoms, a temporary solution for the safety and health of everyone. No big deal. We’re back to a more normal. It was worth it.

BOUQUET To the people who are waking up and asking questions. Thank you truckers for leading the way.

BEEF It’s about time to get rid of the Windsor clan. With every member added to that family the allowance gets bigger and bigger. Taxpayers are on the hook so those people can live in pomp and comfort. I think we can live without their glamorous outfits and their affairs.

BOUQUET Respect and appreciation to Dr. Crowley and his staff for the knowledge, skill and emotional support they showed while removing my tooth. No pain, now or then.

BEEF Is the city’s parks and recreation department going to idly stand by and wait until all of the trees in Neck Point Park are covered with nails and fairy doors? It is a natural park, not a playground.

BOUQUET To the bouqueter believing God is in control and his son Jesus Christ is returning very soon to save us from all the world’s evil mayhem. Ready to enjoy?

BEEF To councillors who want to ban gas hookups and drive-thru restaurants. What’s next?

BOUQUET To the beefer commenting about free hot water at a restaurant or coffee shop. You read my mind. Even a glass of water has a cost to the business.

BEEF To people who abandon their grocery carts in the parking lot without returning them to the buggy hut or stall. When did this become acceptable behaviour? This must be done continuously throughout the day by several store staff, which takes time away from keeping the shelves fully stocked with groceries for you to buy. Think about it and don’t be so lazy.

BOUQUET Thank you for sweeping the bike lanes and road verges.

BEEF The downfall of the human race is overpopulation.

BOUQUET To the new Nanaimo Bakery and café. We went there for lunch and had the starter breakfast of bacon and eggs. It was delicious. They have a bright new decor that is great. There were lots of smiles, kind words and great service. Well done. We will be back.

BEEF To the author who included many good and worthy themes in her children’s book series, but devotes much of her time and energy now to persecuting certain people just for being themselves.

BOUQUET To the best chicken dinner that there’s ever been in Nanaimo. Way to go Chick to Sea for portion size and taste. A happy customer to the max.

BEEF To NFT bros who try to take advantage of others with a pyramid scheme to try to present half-hearted digital artwork as something that has value.

BOUQUET To the doctors and nurses at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. They did an amazing, life-saving operation on my brother. Their team is reported to be the No. 1 heart team in Canada. One thing’s for sure, they’re No. 1 in my family’s books. Big thanks also to Dr. Collins in Nanaimo for his expert diagnosis and non-judgmental understanding.

BEEF To people who spread misinformation to build opposition to a development that would have been wonderful for the neighbourhood but ended up being denied.

BOUQUET Compliments to the city workers who did the cleanup after the high wind storm that hit Westwood Lake. A lot of hard work went into the cleanup. A job well done. Thanks to all of you.

BEEF To the people in the backward neighbouring country who continue to elect governments who are complicit in heart-breaking gun violence.

BOUQUET To Beefs & Bouquets. It’s amazing that you still publish my thoughts, even with so many spelling mistakes. I think that is gorgeous. Thank you very much.

BEEF To everyone who complains about city council (myself included). Open meetings are held every other Monday at 7 p.m. at the Shaw Auditorium at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre. It’s easy to look up the meeting schedule and agendas. It’s time for us regular citizens to become involved in the process. I’ll see you there.

BOUQUET To Nesvog Meats and Sausage Co. The tasty chicken tortilla pie is nice to have for a quick, hot meal.

BEEF To the ‘expletive expletive’ complaining about the body shop. If a tiny dent wrote your car off it is because your car was not worth what it cost to fix. There are also factors such as hidden damage that add costs to the claim. Lastly, the body shop does not get to decide nor does it have the power to determine total loss status.

BOUQUET To the ‘N’ driver by Brooks Landing, who saw my young daughter and I waiting to cross, then backed up off the crosswalk to let us through. Thank you.

BOUQUET To people who pick up after their dogs. For those of you who don’t, I wonder if you are responsible enough to have a pet and care for it properly.

BEEF Sebastion Beach now has only a few spots available to park. How are parents with small children supposed to access a public beach? More importantly it is now an ‘exclusive’ beach to only those living in Lantzville. What about wheelchair accessibility? It’s not inclusive and for that the district should be ashamed.

BOUQUET To the wonderful couple, K. and V., who helped to rescue us when our EV battery was near flat out in Duncan. Your kindness, and trust to leave us charging our vehicle at your home was monumental. Again, thank you very much, and as directed, we are paying it forward.

BEEF To our local MLA celebrating outrageous spending on treatment beds. It goes to show that poverty now is a business.

BOUQUET To people who give a piece of their heart instead of a piece of their mind.

BEEF To City of Nanaimo for running street sweepers through residential neighbourhoods at 7:40 a.m. That way most people are home and the street is full of parked cars resulting in lots of noise but very little cleaning.

BOUQUET To Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank for the amazing Metallica album cover themed paint jobs on their trucks. Awesome.

BEEF So tired of reading beefs to the tune of ‘what rights have you lost?’ All of them. The right to travel freely. The right to speak freely. The right to work in any province or territory. The right to protest. The right to security. Anyone asking that question has already surrendered all freedom to gain false security.

BOUQUET To Cam at Dragon’s Auto for his friendly, reliable and high-quality repair work on our vehicles.

BEEF I agree with the beef about bike lanes. What a waste of money. I’ve never seen a bike on them on Metral, Bowen, Boundary or Estevan. Good at fouling up the cars though.

BOUQUET To Cobs Bread Terminal Park Mall for the great customer service and wide range of fresh and delicious baked goods. I was going to say it’s the best bakery in Nanaimo but I wonder if it might just be the best bakery in Canada? The world?

BEEF To people who point out and comment on things like lashes, false teeth, wigs, medical procedures, etc. I know you may be ‘complimenting’ people, but sometimes people don’t want these things pointed out. I think it’s rude and can really make people uncomfortable, is this the underlining point of your comment? What’s a matter with just ‘you look nice?’

BOUQUET To the lovely gentleman who found my son’s lost wallet at the Petro-Can on Rutherford and rode over to our house on his bike to return it. Such kindness is so nice to see.

BEEF I don’t understand the logic behind planting trees along the side of thoroughfare roads. They have to be watered. Does the city not know that our most precious and valuable resource in Canada is water?

BOUQUET My favourite dinosaur is probably ankylosaurus.

BEEF Shopping at the mall has become unbearable now that the wannabe virtuoso pianists are pounding on the piano. Share the disturbance and move it elsewhere, like into the parking lot.

BOUQUET To all those working on the roads around Collishaw, especially flaggers, always cheerful, polite, obliging and supportive of others doing their deliveries. Residents don’t have deliveries interrupted because of these great people.

BEEF Is it just me? There seem to be a lot of potholes around the city. At Bowen and Meredith there’s a big one, most of Terminal Avenue. Maybe Rod Stewart can come and do it.

BOUQUET To the lovely young lady who paid for my groceries at Country Grocer on Bowen Road earlier this spring. A wonderful surprise. Thank you. I have now paid it forward.

BEEF Trudeau opened up Pandora’s box.

BOUQUET To Blake for helping out when Dad took a nasty fall.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for its lack of economic development. It is out of touch with reality, fails to live up to promises and is filled up with way too much hype and zero common sense. The taxpayers continue to get mugged.

BOUQUET To Shelyn for coming to my friend’s rescue at the TD Bank parking lot and for giving me a lift to the eye doctor appointment. It was greatly appreciated.

BEEF To the pizza delivery companies that take almost $7 for a delivery fee from me and only pass about $1 on to their drivers. How is this even legal?

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo News Bulletin which is most enlightening.

BEEF I am a senior who would like to purchase an e-bike so that I don’t have to use gas. However, I either pay my property taxes or buy the bike, as I can’t afford both. The cost of just living in Nanaimo is horrendous.

BOUQUET To the grocery store that had all its prices in even dollars. Was so easy to comprehend. Felt like the old days. Thanks for that.

BEEF To the second amendment diehards in the U.S. Nobody is going to take your car away. All we are asking for is to show proof of registration and insurance, show your driver’s licence, wear your seatbelt, obey the speed limit and don’t drink and drive.

BOUQUET to Amanda L. from the TV station for the clarity she brought to the debate about how the federal government could best support sustainable energy costs and pricing.

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Beefs and bouquets

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