This couple left top US jobs after a holiday in South America, now lives in a village in Madhya Pradesh | Mint – Mint

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This couple left top US jobs after a holiday in South America, now lives in a village in Madhya Pradesh | Mint  Mint

“Our life is farm-centric, where we grow our own food by practising natural farming. We’re also very passionate about reforestation, yoga and naturopathy,” says the official website of Jeevantika built by IIT graduates Sakshi and Arpit Maheshwari. Arpit has worked in companies like Microsoft and Goldman Sachs.

Sakshi and Arpit Maheshwari worked in some of the best banking and tech companies in India and the United States after graduating from IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay, respectively. They eventually realised, however, that life’s major explorations do not deserve to be put on hold. This concept was powerful enough to persuade them to pack their belongings and take a sabbatical in South America for a year.

They volunteered in Chilean public schools while travelling. Their experience was an “eye-opener” about the reality of climate change on the ground, and we’ve never gone back to city life since.

“We started questioning our notions and assumptions around materialism, nature, comforts, growth, happiness, money, scale etc and ever since,” they say.

Now, they live a farm-based life based at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, treating it “as a series of experiments on conscious living”. They gave up glamour, conveniences, and corporate careers and chose simplicity, tranquillity and health.

Sakshi and Arpit Maheshwari run a 1.5-acre farm with over 500 trees, vegetable and herb gardens, and crop fields. They also have a five-acre forestry initiative that aims to restore biodiversity and promote forest tourism.

Sakshi is a certified yoga instructor with more than six years of experience. She offers various courses on basic yoga, yoga healing and Pranayam. She also offers wellness sessions for companies so that their employees “balance off a sedentary lifestyle and become more productive”.

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