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2022 Marketing Awards: Zulu, Rethink, Wunderman Thompson win Best of Shows  strategyonline.ca

Zulu Alpha Kilo was the big winner at Wednesday’s 100th Marketing Awards, taking home two Best of Show wins.

But Rethink and Wunderman Thompson also had a lot to be happy about, as did a number of other agencies that received special recognition from this year’s juries.

The first of Zulu Alpha Kilo’s Best of Show wins came in the Multicultural category for Pfaff Harley-Davidson’s “Tough Turban,” an initiative that allowed Sikh Harley owners to stay safe while recognizing their faith.

The other was in Design, where the agency won for “The Micropedia of Microaggressions,” developed with a group of organizations that included the The Black Business and Professional Association, the Canadian Congress on Diversity and Workplace Equity, Pride at Work and Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute. The program was based around a digital “micropedia” that laid out hundreds of microaggressions people face in their daily lives, aiming to educate people on words and actions they may not even realize are discriminatory and enforce systemic racism.

Zulu Alpha Kilo also won eight Golds for the Harley-Davidson and BBPA work, as well as for Ratesdotca and SingleCut Beersmiths.

Rethink won the Best of Show in Advertising for Heinz Ketchup’s “Hot Dog Pact.” The campaign aimed to start a public movement that would make the ketchup brand a mediator for common grocery store gripe: the fact that hot dogs and buns come in different-sized packages. Serendipitously, the campaign succeeded yesterday when Wonder announced it would make a 10-bun pack to cater to 10-hot dog packs.

On top of its Best of Show win, Rethink won the most Golds of the evening, taking home 15. In addition to wins for several Kraft Heinz campaigns, it also won for work with clients including A&W, Decalthon, IKEA, Molson Canadian, National Magazine Awards, Over The Bridge, Purdy’s and YWCA Metro Vancouver.

The final Best of Show went to Wunderman Thompson in the Craft category for the Royal Canadian Legion’s “The Immortal Poppy.” The campaign – which also won Craft Gold in Art Direction, alongside AD Raj Gupta – created NFTs of poppies, each of which had the names of 118,000 fallen Canadian soldiers digitally engraved in its petals. By encrypting these names into the blockchain, it ensured the names of these soldiers will not be forgotten, no matter how much time passes.

In addition to the Best of Show and Gold wins, several of the Marketing Awards juries felt there were campaigns that deserved extra recognition, particularly when it came to work that advanced goals of diversity, equity and inclusion. The work needed to be a creatively compelling campaign that took an active stance in representing the values of diversity and inclusion through casting, subject matter, involvement with, or commitment to, under-represented communities.

One of those came from the Multicultural jury, which recognized Middle Child for its work on Sephora’s National Indigenous History Month campaign. The Craft jury gave its special prize to Anomaly and Grayson Music’s “#TapeOutHate” for Budweiser, and the Design jury recognized Rethink’s “Ability Signs” for Decalthon. Finally, the Advertising jury added a D&I special prize to the recognition that Zulu received for “Tough Turban.”

The Craft and Public Service juries also each awarded a special prize for Performance to two actors in this year’s Gold-winning campaigns. In Craft, Izaak Smith was recognized for his performance in “Want” for BetterHelp, which also earned Untitled Films a Craft Gold for Julia Lederer’s copywriting. In Public Service, Cheryl Nelson-Singh won for her performance in “SickKids Moms Vs. Hard Day,” which also earned Cossette a Public Service Gold in Online Film.

All of the Gold and Best of Show wins, along with the special jury prizes, can be found below, with all of the winners and their corresponding cases on the Marketing Awards website.

Zulu Alpha Kilo

Black Business and Professional Association, et. al., “The Micropedia of Microaggressions”
Best of Show – Design
Design – Websites/Apps/Mobile
Multicultural – Digital

Pfaff Harley-Davidson, “Tough Turban”
Best of Show – Multicultural
Advertising Special Jury Prize: D&I
Advertising – Digital – Creative Use of Technology
Advertising – Health & Wellness – Education & Advocacy
Advertising – PR – Community Building
Multicultural – Promotion

Ratesdotca, “Don’t Get Milked”
Advertising – Film – TV Single – 30s & Under

SingleCut Beersmiths, “Notes IPA”
Advertising – Digital – Augmented/Virtual Reality


A&W, “Beyond Bait”
Advertising – Digital – Online Video Single – Long-Form

Décathlon, “Ability Signs”
Design Special Jury Prize: D&I
Advertising – OOH – Ambient, Large Scale
Advertising – PR – Integrated Campaign Led By PR

IKEA, “Our Little World”
Craft – Special Effects (w/a52 VFX)

IKEA, “Sustainable Platform”
Advertising – Integrated Campaign

IKEA, “The Cristiano Bottle”
Advertising – Digital – Social Media

Heinz Ketchup (Kraft Heinz), “Hot Dog Pact”
Best of Show – Advertising
Advertising – Digital – Social Media

Heinz Ketchup (Kraft Heinz), “Heinz Bottleneck”
Advertising – Digital – Apps/Mobile

Heinz Ketchup (Kraft Heinz), “Heinz La Tomatina Ketchup”
Advertising – Direct – Best in Collateral

Molson Canadian, “Hockey Night In Canada, Multilingual Edition”
Advertising – Branded Content
Advertising – PR – Community Building

National Magazine Awards, “National Magazine Awards”
Design – Brand Identity

Over The Bridge, “The Lost Tapes of the 27 Club”
Public Service – Health & Wellness – Education & Advocacy

Purdy’s, “Braille Box”
Advertising – Direct – Best in Collateral

YMCA Metro Vancouver, “Wall For Women”
Public Service – Ambient, Large Scale

Wunderman Thompson

HSBC, “The Luckiest Red”
Multicultural – Holiday/Seasonal Advertising

Royal Canadian Legion, “The Immortal Poppy”
Craft – Best of Show
Craft – Art Direction


McDonald’s Canada, “Grand Openings”
Advertising – Out-of-home – Point-of-Purchase
Advertising – Out-of-home – Transit Campaign
Advertising – Press – Newspaper Campaign

SickKids, “SickKids Moms Vs. Hard Days”
Public Service Special Jury Prize: Performance (Cheryl Nelson-Singh)
Public Service – Online Film

World Wheelchair Rugby, “Here To Win”
Design – Brand Identity
Design – Logo

Leo Burnett

TD Bank, “Becoming an Investor”
Craft – Editing
Craft – Sound Design (w/Pirate)

Woah Dough, “Woah Dough”
Design – Packaging

Ethnicity Matters

Ford, “There’s No Escape Like Home”
Multicultural – Holiday/Seasonal Advertising

Reitmans, “Diversity Is The Fabric of Canada”
Multicultural – Collaborations


Air Canada, “Globes Apart”
Craft – Animation

Canadian Down Syndrome Society, “Mindsets”
Public Service – Community Building

Juniper ParkTBWA

Nissan, “Wonderful Humans – Tremendous Minds”
Advertising – Radio
Craft – Copywriting


Budweiser, “#TapeOutHate”
Craft Special Jury Prize: Diversity & Inclusion (w/Grayson Music)

Broken Heart Love Affair

Internova Travel Group, “Book Human”
Advertising – Film – TV Single – Long-Form

Grayson Music

Budweiser, “#TapeOutHate”
Craft Special Jury Prize: Diversity & Inclusion (w/Anomaly)

Middle Child

Sephora, “National Indigenous History Month Campaign”
Multicultural Special Jury Prize: D&I

Barrett and Welsh

POCAM, “White Space”
Multicultural – Print

a52 VFX

IKEA, “Our Little World”
Craft – Special Effects (w/Rethink)

Cheryl Nelson-Singh

SickKids, “SickKids Moms Vs. Hard Days”
Public Service Special Jury Prize: Performance (w/Cossette)

Izaac Smith

BetterHelp, “Want”
Craft Special Jury Prize: Performance

John St.

No Frills (Loblaw Companies Limited), “Aisles of Glory: Legends of the Haul”
Advertising – Digital – Games

Sid Lee

Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “Circular Design for Fashion”
Design – Brouchures/Print Collateral


TD Bank, “Becoming an Investor”
Craft – Sound Design (w/Leo Burnett)

School Editing

Sandy Hook Promise, “How To”
Craft – Editing


Human Rights Foundation, “Uncomfortable Truth”
Public Service – Direct

Untitled Films

BetterHelp, “Want”
Craft – Copywriting

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