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Berks County real estate transactions for July 10  Reading Eagle

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to recorder@countyofberks.com.
Albany Township
Michael J. Downing and Jacklyn R. Downing to Emma Conrey and Brayden Heller, 2629 Rte 737, $305,000.
Alsace Township
Brock R. Christman to Brock R. Christman and Amber R. Breidegam, 17 Irish Mountain Road, $1.
Amity Township
Timothy Brian Daniels and Karen Lynn Daniels to Derek Okladek and Patricia Richie, 805 Antietam Drive, $447,000.
Fadi Younes to Scott A. Shelly and Lisa A. Shelly, 39 Shore Ave., $264,894.
Russell H. Norris to Connor Stemler and Ruth Stemler, 739 Rosewood Drive, $310,000.
Dante M. Pietrinferni and Tracy B. Pietrinferni to Cory David Scott and Ashley Elizabeth Hoffman, 500 Pleasant View Drive, $525,000.
William R. Neafcy Jr. and Rebecca Mickletz to Mitchell Briggs and Marie Briggs, 5007 Overlook Pointe, $435,000.
Robert O. Hatfield to Robert M. Bauman Jr. and Lida Nom, 103 Meadowcrest Lane, $355,000.
James C. Kolb to Travis E. Mace, 193 W. Chestnut St., $247,000.
Bern Township
Gary A. Mogel and Karen L. Mogel to Segundo Zhingre and Angela Kelly, 109 Meadow View Road, $719,900.
Bethel Township
Timothy John Guldner and Caryn Elizabeth Guldner to Timothy J. Guldner, 9515 Old Rte 22, $1.
Patricia E. Dundore to Melissa Beitler, 9751 Old Rte 22, $255,000.
Clem A. Miller and Amber N. Miller to Stafford Eberly and Sharla Eberly, 471 Swope Road, $207,000.
N. Mardell Ludwig to Andrew F. Slater and Jordan Zuber, 413 E. 8th St., $235,000.
Kenneth J. Croes and Lyndsay Greenwood to Kenneth J. Croes, 330 S. Walnut St., $1.
Green Eagle Enterprise LP to Kevin Kann, 131 S. Mill St.
Colebrookdale Township
Kenneth L. Moser and Linda A. Moser to Steven Robert Rufibach and Jenette Rufibach, 1501 Orchard Lane, $362,500.
Danielle M. Renninger to Jennifer Lynn Tim, 644 S. Reading Ave., $170,000.
Brenda K. Miller to Berks County Redevelopment Authority, 81 Landis Lane, $48,000.
Cumru Township
Nirvana Mendoza to Yamil Echavarria, 126 Merion Lane, $227,000.
Megan Jones and Kevin Jones to Megan Jones, 116 Cortelyou Ave., $1.
Indiju Investors 4 LLC to Suzette S. Graeber GST Trust and Michele L. Soulanille Trust, 2121 Morgantown Road, $1,043,500.
Gregory C. Bickta Estate and Rosalyn A. Bickta to Kenneth Gerges and Kathy Gerges, 393 Mountain View Road, $230,000.
Turning Point Investments 2 LLC to John S. Zulick and Ja Hwa Zulick, 100 Gretchen Drive, $149,900.
District Township
David R. Miller to Justin K. Kerschner and Alicia M. Kerschner, 906 Huffs Church Road, $250,000.
Douglass Township
Osamah D. Mohammed to Aaron G. Adam, 982 Reading Ave., $218,000.
Gloria Huber to Phillip Matthew Haines, 2029 Farmington Ave., $270,000.
Earl Township
Mario A. Dalonzo Jr. Estate to Benjamin J. Martin and Ashley E. Martin, 56 Water St., $650,000.
Exeter Township
Steven Varady to Zachary R. Finley, 702 Lorane Road, $245,000.
Joseph McDevitt to Joseph P. McDevitt and Amy D. McDevitt, 400 W. 37th St. and Moyer Ave., $1.
Joseph P. McDevitt to Joseph P. McDevitt and Amy D. McDevitt , 112 W. 37th St., $1.
Berks At Pathfinder Meadows LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Robert F. Heebner III and Jennifer A. Heebner, 24 Crooked Court, $612,185.
Ovais Maqbool and Fauzia O. Maqbool to Liam Campbell and Rachel Irwin, 2804 Orchard View Road, $215,500.
David M. Owens and Melissa Owens to Casey E. Miller and Wayne R. Miller, 27 Bent Brook Cr, $400,000.
Emily K. McComb to Emily K. McComb and Aaron J. Blouin, Faber Road, $1.
Tyrone Javier and Meenakshi Javier to Todd A. Shamy and Joey K. Grinkley, 32 Glen Oley Drive, $765,000.
Berks At Pathfinder Meadows LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Corey Buller and Lauren Buller, 84 Ladderback Lane, $390,525.
Ryen Neuman to Ashley Siracusa and Nicholas Siracusa, 47 Foxglove Lane, $352,000.
Douglas F. Reed and Mary E. Reed to James Orman Jr. and Tracy Orman, 133 Pheasant Court, $167,000.
Jefferson Township
Leon W. Baer Estate to Cody M. Long and Pearl Long and Michael R. Long, 774 New Schafrtwn Road, $1.
Jennie Rodriguez-Priest to Jennie Rodriguez-Priest and Thomas K. Priest, 1336 Commonwealth Blvd., $1.
Yalisa Larosa to Mario Armengot, 1338 Lancaster Ave., $220,000.
Angelo Corrado and Pamela Corrado to Vintners Inn Kutztown LLC, 401 W. Main St. and 401 R W. Main St., $900,000.
June P. Bruno Estate to Aneudy M. Pagan and Xiomara Pagan, 522 E. Main St., $215,000.
Sandra J. Cafurello to Miguel A. Caraballo Santos, 3424 Arlington St., $167,000.
Luis Alfonso Perez Negron to Kingdom Foundations LLC, 1401 Frush Valley Road, $110,000.
Luther D. Schlott Jr. Family Trust to Luther D. Schlott III and Holly Schlott, 3421 Holtry St., $1.
Longswamp Township
Norman Barlet Jr. Estate to Pericles Gabriele and Denise Gabriele, 481 Locust St., $150,000.
Lower Alsace Township
Jared Grandstrom to Hava Kece, 204 Haag Road, $340,000.
George J. Lucas IV to Jason Hynds, 500 N. 25th St., $275,000.
William J. Welker Jr. Estate to Vibez LLC, 1046 Carsonia Ave., $135,700.
Tiffany Vazquez and Tiffany Gonzalez to Felix Ramon Taveras Mejia and Nuria Michela Diaz De Taveras, 426 N. 25th St., $155,100.
Maura P. Reider to John W. Reider, 823 Van Buren St., $1.
Prime Home Investments LLC to Kelly A. Walls and Christopher T. Walls, 205 Butter Lane, $164,900.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Sven P. Spirig to Jagan Mohan Cherlakola, 64 Regina Drive, $358,000.
David L. Spadafora and Lorie A. Spadafora to David M. Owens and Melissa A. Owens, 32 Colorado Ave., $507,000.
Chadi Zablit and Nathalie Kouchakji to Meghan J. McClyment, 33 Goldeneye Drive, $575,000.
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Dritan Krifca and Flora Krifca, 1067 Ryebrook Road, $534,234.
Jeffrey A. Goldberg and Randi E. Goldberg to Imran Khokhar, 61 Fairwood Ave., $560,000.
Nancy J. Dalton and Jeremy H. Dalton to Florence Kamau and Samuel Munyaneza Ziherambere, 104 Grande Blvd., $541,000.
Andrea L. Uniacke and Kyle M. Uniacke to Maxwell C. Nice and Megan E. Nice, 10 Carmina Drive, $590,500.
Lynda L. Moyer to Deana Reedy and Todd C. Reedy, 516 Brownsville Road and Brownsville Road, $270,000.
Forino Co LP to Binay Shrestha and Sushmita Duwal Shrestha, 108 Staplehill Court, $307,495.
Maidencreek Township
Frederick H. Lamothe and Cheryl L. Lamothe and Frederick H. Lamothe II to Jacob Ernst and Melainy Williams, 8408 Allentown Pike, $195,000.
Robert D. Hughes to Edward Norman Balukas and Chauntele Lovelyne Mike, 510 Calabria Drive, $434,000.
Marion Township
Randall S. Landis to Randall S. Landis and Cheyenne Landis, 19 Shady Cabin Cr and Shady Cabin Cr and Shady Cabin Cr, $1.
Brian E. Burkhart to Andrew Burkhart and Brenna Neider, 70 Main St., $229,000.
Maxatawny Township
Stephen J. Ganser and Gayle Ganser to Travis A. Berghold and Monica A. Berghold, Hottenstein Road, $1.
Beiler Real Estate Holdings LLC to Mercedes Group LLC, 132 N. Church St., $176,000.
Mount Penn
Tara Lynn Chambers and Tara Schmehl to Tara Lynn Chambers, 2455 Fairview Ave., $1.
Allister Dempster and Hamill Dempster and Karen Gail Richards to Marlon R. Appadu, 100 Endlich Ave., $210,000.
Scott Hart and Regina Hart to Dylan Kline, 2444 A Cumberland Ave., $134,900.
Muhlenberg Township
Swift Property Solutions LLC to Edward J. Sierra Guillen, 724 W. Bellevue Ave., $240,000.
Robert M. Dreibelbis Jr. to Ramon Acevedo Jr. and Ydoris Acevedo, 405 Pennsylvania Ave., $219,900.
Acesa M. Reid to Gabriel Ramiro Bolanos Flores, 10 Rothermel St., $178,000.
Troy Bowers and Bonita L. Bowers to Bank of America Na, 3602 Willingham Ave., $186,000.
Steven J. Gordon and Cynthia A. Hiester to Gordon Properties LLC, 4447 N. 5th St Hwy.
Donna Weyandt and Donna Raven to Elvin R. Herrera Warner, 529 Muhlenberg St., $230,100.
Scott M. Thomas to Scott M. Thomas and Jane M. Thomas, 2738 Kutztown Road, $1.
North Heidelberg Township
Mildred S. Fry Estate to Roseanne Kreitz, 86 Kricks Mill Road, $84,000.
Michael D. Nye to Chelsea Weyer and Chad Weyer, 45 Station Road, $380,000.
Oley Township
Oley Township to Oley Township, 21 Trails End Lane, $1.
Wesley J. McCulley Estate to 307 W. Main Street LLC, 307 Main St., $750,000.
Duane Arlan Petersheim Estate to Tanya L. Petersheim, 211 Kauffman Road, $1.
Ontelaunee Township
Stacie L. Henry to Huong Dinh, 49 Katylyn Lane, $325,000.
James Orman Jr. and Tracy Orman to Cristy M. Rhoads and Lawrence D. Rhoads, 834 Shoemakersvlle Road, $240,000.
Penn Township
Mary J. Eaken and Roderick F. Eaken to Galen L. Wise and Catharine W. Wise, 107 Arboretum Road, $1,671,400.
Robert D. Luckenbill Estate to Nicholas W. Evans and Ashton Evans, 36 Arboretum Road, $310,000.
Michael J. Greene to Jordan Blatt and Katy Bailey, 643 N. Garfield Road, $360,000.
Perry Township
Gerard J. Seligman to Christina Muller Levan and Justin Levan, 1435 Windsor Castle Road and 1428 Windsor Castle Road, $900,000.
Gerry K. Noecker and Darlene R. Noecker to Jonathon P. Werley, 1524 Pottsville Pike, $140,000.
Ryan McFadden to Vidarlin Batista Corniel and Vidarlin Batista Corniel, 1327 Linden St., $160,000.
Jose O. Delacruz to Karina Baez Sarita De Duran and Jose Alejandro Duran Nunez, 1010 Chestnut St., $165,000.
Steven Allen Fisher Jr. to Jose E. Gamez, 1609 Moss St., $90,000.
Franco Rene Astudillo to Pedro R. Nunez Astudillo, 124 Elm St., $15,000.
Juan Diaz to Hans Nolt, 431 Cedar St., $40,000.
John L. Delp III to Inhouse Realty LLC, 1024 Chestnut St., $130,000.
Melinda A. Witman and Melinda A. Fogel to Juan Soriano, 623 Pear St., $80,000.
Jose Maldonado Morales and Lesly Velasquez to Ild Properties LLC, 411 S. 14th St., $69,000.
Lorraine P. McNeil to Zuleiny M. Peralta Vargas, 1408 N. 13th St., $175,000.
Jesus Picazo Casas to Maria M. Picazo Amaro, 826 Madison Ave., $1.
Aaron B. Arce and Jacqueline Arce to Juan Diaz Garcia, 435 W. Oley St., $125,000.
Musa Draga to Miguel Martinez-Gomez, 135 Walnut St., $60,000.
Marino A. Rodriguez to Expedito A. Santos and Jenny E. Rodriguez, 1316 Locust St., $80,000.
Justo De Jesus to Flora S. Vasquez De Vargas, 819 Chestnut St., $13,000.
Maripoza Management LLC to Fioraly Flores, 316 S. 12th St., $170,000.
Robert J. Lewalski to Ryan Johnson, 1715 Mineral Spring Road and 1718 Eckert Ave., $365,000.
Dong Li and Mei F. Lin to Grundy Property Solutions LLC, 814 Master St., $40,000.
Fabio Almonte and Domingo Almonte to Pedro La Paz Sanchez, 318 N. 2nd St., $165,000.
1910 5th Eat LLC to Arec 47 LLC, 1900 N. 5th St., $10.
Pa Flipbros LLC to Bbl Properties One LLC, 170 Clymer St., $155,000.
Pa Flipbros LLC to Bbl Properties One LLC, 1320 Perkiomen Ave., $185,000.
Marion R. Kline Estate to Michael Kline Jr. and Evan Thomas Kline and Michael Kline Sr. and Kenneth Kline, 1740 Fairview St., $1.
Ernesto Crespo to Junior Alejandro Arias Henriquez, 609 N. 9th St., $100,000.
Daniel W. Newmoyer and Lillian A. Newmoyer to Joanes Do Nascimento Cardoso, 1409 Cotton St., $500.
Charles Thomas to Alejandro Ramirez, 521 Maple St., $505.
Peter J. Phillips and Bonnie K. Haas to Alejandro Ramirez, 416 Gilson Al, $400.
Genara Rosario-Mercado to Jean Luc Bertier, 752 Schuylkill Ave., $600.95.
Four Winds Investments LLC to Alejandro Ramirez, 1027 Perry St., $555.
Oldtown LLC to Master Ventures LLC, 557 Centre Ave., $325,000.
Bryan Dietrich Revocable Living Trust to Tbd Investments 2 LLC, 417 S. 5th St., $1.
417 S. 5th Upper LLC and Tbd Investments 2 LLC to 417 S. 5th Upper LLC and Tbd Investments 2 LLC, 417 S. 5th St., $3,570.76.
Saw Services LLC to David Castro Reyna, 316 Miller St., $91,000.
Kimberlee Perez to Karina A. Guerrero Odiott, 618 S. 18th St. and 623 S. 17 1/2 St., $130,000.
Luis M. Lugo Gomez to Martha M. Espinal, 628 Mulberry St., $16,000.
Yonathan Joel Arias to Jajoma Global Corp, 1234 Eckert Ave., $66,000.
Vito Oliver Ellison to Carlos Jonathan Mora, 1122 Chestnut St., $100,000.
Cardo Inc. to Reading 500 LLC, 500 N. 8th St. and 500 R N. 8th St. and R N. 8th St., $925,000.
Barbara A. Slegel and Carl Slegel and Richard Slegel and Larry Slegel and Steven Slegel to Carl Slegel and Richard Slegel and Larry Slegel and Steven Slegel, 1328 Butler St. and 1330 Butler St.
W. Douglas Weaver to Haven Rentals LLC, 1413 Cotton St., $42,000.
Edda K. Miranda to Antonio Miranda Franco and Hermelinda D. Luna Perez, 154 Hudson St., $1.
Arc Realty LLC to Alvernia University, 354 Penn St., $1,450,000.
Pagoda Real Estate LLC to Rlk Realty Company LLC, 1142 N. 9th St., $65,000.
Dayana Depaula and Jendy Depaula Evangelista to Dayana Depaula, 319 S. 3rd St., $1.
Cosme Laurent and Martha Miriam Ayala to Glendaliz Jimenez Rivera, 1204 Muhlenberg St., $40,000.
Haven Rentals LLC to Velija Curovic, 1413 Cotton St., $53,000.
Michael Fernandez to Ramon Antonio Ferreira, 604 N. 10th St., $55,000.
Michael Fernandez to Ramon Antonio Ferreira, 1009 Elm St., $35,000.
John R. Woram and Jill W. Woram to Wade Martin, 532 N. 11th St., $77,500.
Robeson Township
Paula Halulko and John Halulko to Ryan C. Janney and Emily R. Bilger, 174 Overlook Road, $670,000.
Rita J. Rauch Estate to Tony Eusebio and Miguelina Eusebio, 311 S. Freeman St., $221,000.
Rockland Township
Michael R. Williams and Jamie K. Williams to Daniel P. Murphy, 36 Ridge Drive, $465,000.
Steven Gross Estate to Steven Allen Fisher Jr., 25 Five Points Road, $275,000.
Dale Leister and Beverly Leister to Sandra K. Eberle, 51 Mine Road, $581,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Elizabeth F. Bahlinger Estate to Karen L. Bahlinger, 437 Hartz Road.
Benjamin Shade and Chelsea Shade to George Pennypacker and Lori Pennypacker, Orchard Road, $40,000.
Douglas A. Good and Brenda L. Good to Barry G. Bertolet and Kristine M. Bertolet, 103 Poplar Road, $465,000.
Richard L. Imes Estate to Kenneth C. Veit and Jenna Veit, 636 Memorial Hwy, $260,000.
Mark M. Poserina and Tracy C. Barlet to Todd M. Bollinger and Lori A. Bollinger, 106 New Holland Ave., $200,000.
Kathryn F. Heckler to Sandra Lee Long, 508 N. Waverly St., $228,000.
Thomas F. Talarico to John W. Fam and Christina I. Fam, 230 N. Sterley St., $227,500.
Property Connect LLC to Michael Scheel and Raven Scheel, 202 Museum Road, $620,000.
Madison L. Sauder and Dylan Stoudt to Lindsay M. Jensen and Ernest Noll, 539 March St., $200,000.
Joanna L. Kasper to Joanna L. Kasper, 33 E. Lancaster Ave., $1.
Mario Calvaresi Estate to Jacob Thomas Walter and Madelyn Elisabeth Cave, 308 2nd St., $207,270.
Spring Township
Katie L. Deibert to Jose Maria Batista Valdez, 2043 Reading Ave., $170,000.
Lance D. Charnoff and Patricia A. Charnoff to Damien J. Kemp and Kelsey A. Maurer, 7 Esther Cr, $250,000.
Andrew P. Einsel and Kayla B. Lash to Steven R. Balthaser and Kathleen M. Morrison, 502 Wellington Ave., $250,000.
Severo Z. Sales and Gemma J. Sales to Michael R. Williams and Jamie K. Williams, 1300 Fieldstone Road, $635,000.
Brian N. Lenhart and Nicole Ls Lenhart and Nicole L. S Lenhart to Jeffrey S. Miller and Thidarat S. Miller, 517 Arrowhead Trail, $470,000.
Arlene Otis to Isaiah Gordon and Edwin Page, 2910 State Hill Rd A9, $134,000.
Rory Quinter and Deborah Williamson to Jonathan D. Rodger and Kathleen H. Rodger, 1421 Stone Ridge Road, $650,000.
Joshua A. Rice to Nathan W. Zeiset and Helen W. Zeiset, 2128 Old Lancaster Pike, $292,000.
Scott M. Thomas to Scott M. Thomas and Jane M. Thomas, 2222 Spring St., $1.
Anita M. Keltz to Lauren Peluso and Michael Peluso, 2110 Rosewood Court, $385,777.
Kirk A. Weinman and Wanda S. Weinman to Miguel A. Echevarria-Rodriguez and Maria M. Criado-Gregory, 2824 Van Reed Road, $330,000.
Cory B. Luft to Zakary T. Ruppert and Natalie R. Auman, 2715 Hiester Blvd., $243,777.
Eugene C. Lamanna and Christiana M. Staebler-Lamanna to Erik Bailey and Heather Noecker, 215 Woodside Ave., $130,000.
St. Lawrence
Donna J. Obrien to Timithy Mark McClellan and Kelsey Lauren Tamez, 40 Walnut St., $220,000.
Frederick S. Indenbaum and Gertrudis Morales Fajardo to Elizabeth Spencer Brooks and Michael Anthony Derrico, 3802 Penns Court, $222,000.
Tilden Township
Robin L. Henry and Craig W. Henry to Robin L. Henry, Maple Drive, $100,000.
Glenn A. Shollenberger to Amy L. Whitehead and Cavin A. Meleta, 2012 Mountain Road, $170,000.
Ronald L. Delong to Rodney E. Miller and Ann L. Miller, 743 Hex Hwy, $80,000.
David G. Schlier to 125 Centre LLC, 107 Centre Ave., $550,000.
Tulpehocken Township
Robert W. Kessler to Harold B. Zimmerman and Janice L. Zimmerman, 28 Church St., $40,000.
Upper Bern Township
Dawn I. Vance to Kevin J. Schrack, Lesher Mill Road, $22,700.
Washington Township
Henry R. Neiman to Shirley A. Neiman, 212 Wissinger Road, $1.
Matthew F. Pedrick and Nicole M. Pedrick to Cartus Financial Corporation, 1980 County Line Road, $650,000.
Cartus Financial Corporation to Molly Macmillan, 1980 County Line Road, $650,000.
West Reading
Jennifer Duhnke Cothron to Ty Charles Johnson, 213 Spruce St., $158,000.
Josh M. Hayes and Lillian A. Oglesby to Charles E. Odonnell and Adrienne Hermes, 157 Tulpehocken Ave., $311,000.
Gail Gehman to Gail A. Gehman, 302 Playground Drive.
Windsor Township
Steven C. Himmelreich to Courtney Martynuik and Brandon Martynuik, 230 Bliele Road, $320,000.
Brett A. Huckabee and Terry D. Weiler to 1136 Penn Avenue LLC, 1136 Penn Ave., $465,000.
Stephen R. Turkalo to Sheila Jourdain, 1969 Meadow Lane, $257,000.
George R. Miller Irrevocable Trust and Matthew G. Miller to Jpf Property Group LLC, 1612 Penn Ave., $180,000.
Multiple municipalities
Amy L. Pletz and Jason W. Pletz to Millicent Himmelreich and Steven Himmelreich, 74 Henne Road, $591,024.

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