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Truist Financial Corp.’S Mobile Banking App And Online Banking …  CIOReview

By CIOReview | Monday, October 3, 2022

New digital virtual assistant enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) provides immediate assistance for clients’ most frequent inquiries.

FREMONT, CA: “The launch of Truist Assist is another milestone on our journey to co-create a client experience that is digital first, with the option of human touch. Guided by our purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities, we’re continuing to deliver a care-driven digital banking platform to foster seamless connections between clients’ financial lives and personal lives,” says Sherry Graziano, head of Digital and Contact Center Banking for Truist. Truist Financial Corporation has developed Truist Assist in its mobile banking app and online banking platform for retail and wealth clients. This AI-enhanced virtual assistant is the most recent example of the bank’s T3 strategy, which combines innovative technology with a personalized human touch to increase client satisfaction and trust.

The digital assistant uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to answer clients’ questions and provide financial information through digital channels. This self-service channel integrates Truist contact centers into the experience, allowing clients to seamlessly transition from their virtual assistant to a Truist teammate when their request requires more in-depth assistance.

Personal banking (retail and wealth) clients of Truist have access to Truist Assist via iOS, Android, and the web around the clock. It satisfies clients’ needs by providing comprehensive information that empowers and simplifies their financial decisions. Currently, Truist Assist supports over 100 common support inquiries and digital banking questions ranging from alert management to account details viewing.

Truist intends to expand the range of personalized financial insights and deliver ongoing enhancements by utilizing the Agile process—a methodology for integrating product, engineering, and user experience design—and client co-creation. This iterative approach to product development is central to Truist’s innovation culture, which places a premium on the agile operation and cross-functional collaboration methods. The Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) of Truist, which opened earlier this year, continues to fuel the financial services company’s innovation ecosystems to provide clients with digital services and experiences such as Truist Assist.

“So many of our teammates across the company came together as one team to launch Truist Assist,” says Chad Elley, head of Client Enablement. “Experts from our lines of business, design and technology teams worked side by side to deliver an innovative solution grounded in care that is unlike any other AI-assistant on the market.”

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