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Shenali D Waduge

The Global Research article titled Historical analysis of the Global Elites: ransacking the world economy until you’ll own nothing” by Robert I Burrowes is not only worth reading but worth thinking about too.

Robert Burrowes lays out the Great Reset outlined by the World Economic Forum in 2016.

Their plan – to ensure we owned nothing by 2030 (just 7 years) & redistribute global wealth into global elite ownership.

Their plan – initiated in Jan 2020 via depopulation agenda (Covid-20 vaccinations)

From Neolithic Revolution to the emergency of civilizations some 5000 years ago, to societies, to emergence of elites (pharaohs, emperors, kings, Popes, economic elites) the people have been divided as rich & poor with unequal distribution of wealth & resources. These have not been natural but manmade control of systems. If man has created rich-poor, he is equally able to remove poverty by re-distributing the wealth that is unfairly in the hands of global elite who pass it down to their generations having ensured their families inter-marry to continue the legacy.

The article enables us to understand that we may elect governments, we may think sovereignty is in the hands of the people, we may think we delegate our powers to an elected government but in reality even the governments have no power & are controlled by a group of elite families who own every global decision making apparatus & every influencer the world has.

Citizens of the world must finally understand & accept his reality.

The global elite have claimed control of global economy incrementally & hold the world’s wealth in their power.

The process of power has shifted from local elites to national elites to international elites & now global elites control the world while people are happily blaming governments. It is these elite who gather key players from politicians to global personalities & dictate to them their role at the annual World Economic Forums

Who are the Global Elite & its agents?  

They are a group of families that have provided the framework for other ultra rich to emerge. Their agents are a network of corporations, institutions, other families & individuals who are controlled by them.

What is money?

Money is that which is created & given as loans & condition that the money loaned has to be repaid with interest.

Bank of England became the world’s first privately owned bank (with anonymous investors) issuing money that they didn’t have at interest. The interest became their money. The bank gave British politicians any sum they asked so long as debt was paid by direct taxation of the British public. This is what continues to happen.

The IMF & World Bank follows this same function & are nothing but Global Poli Mudalilis.

The govt needs money – they go to the bank which issues the money with interest & that is taxed to the people. Thus, the banks control a nation’s economy not a government. Bankers create the money not the government. This means in reality, bankers control the world leaving nations & people in debt. Debt is a form of slavery. Money is used to enslave people & nations. The IMF is nothing but an enslavement system – creating inflation to grab people’s savings.

Govts should issue money. Govts can create money debt-free & interest-free as was done & no one was taxed on income.

History of Banking 

Began in 18th century with Mayer Amschel extending credit to clients which with time, divested to state, merchant banking both local & international. The policy was to take profit from interest as well as seek trade concessions using political ties, salaried agents in financial markets & increase clientele with parallel booking keeping with one for official purposes. Amschel’s 5 sons replicated this & thus the Rothschild dynasty model was established in Europe. Smuggling became a key component during the Napoleonic wars that led to hoarding of gold coins through France to England. Thus when Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo in 1815 the Rothschilds profited.

The truth about wars – bankers loan both sides to go to wars

While wars financially ruin nations the banks that provide the loans profit. This is the hard truth. Where some lose – some gain. However, the issue here is that wars are created with explicit intent for gain.

The US in reality is governed not by the US Congress but by a privately-owned central bank. The American Revolution came after the unfair taxing of the US colonies by privately-owned British Central Bank – the Bank of England (1694) Though US Govt wished to control US money, eventually privately owned US Federal Reserve System & Bank was created in 1913 having the powers to issue money. These private money changers controlled issuing of money in both England & US & also owned the media & made sure people read & heard what they wanted them to read & hear.

Is it a surprise to hear President Thomas Jefferson, ‘I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.’ 

Banks have always funded both sides of wars. 

They do so because war begets debt – both sides need money & both sides end up in debt.

The elite & manipulating governments into wars

The British Govt was manipulated into Boer War 1899-1902 by Cecil Rhodes’s secret society in which Rothschild was a member. The British public was fooled using the media claiming the war was needed to defend & consolidate goldmining interests which fell into their hands after 32,000 deaths in concentration camps of whom 26,000 were women & children, 22000 British troops killed & 23,000 British troops injured, 32,000 Boer deaths and 14,000 Africans killed just to secure the gold into the hands of the rich. Post 2000 wars all had the people manipulated by media.

Role of Bonds in Wars

Rothschild began selling British government bonds signaling to investors that Napoleon had won. Investors too began selling their bonds & Rothschild began secretly buying the bonds using agents for pittance & that was how they built their initial fortune & how they ventured into international bonds.

Bankers Elite Clients

Elite clients were royals, aristocrats, rich individuals who were offered personal banking services (large personal loans, private postal service (Queen Victoria)

Bankers investments

Bank of England’s biggest export became money. The centre was the City of London Corporation which was a square mile in London from which the London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London & Bank of England emerged. This area is said to not be part of the British nation & have their own laws, rules & taxing. These offshore havens are not necessarily for the British as in the case of people living in Cayman islands. The havens are for the wealthy where their laws are above democratic societies.

British govts have taken loans from City in exchange for privileges & freedoms that do not apply to the British. The City has also raised funds for foreign govts & companies.

More wealthy families emerged with time – Rockefellers, Carnegies, Morgans, Vanderbilts. They all knew each other. They created their own secret groups. Rothschilds was also associated with the creation of the Royal Dutch Shell, their Paribas Bank controlled news agency Havas which owned advertising agency in France.

By late 19th century Rothschilds invested in armament companies & related industries.

The elite & their manipulation of people

The elite influence people in positions – either to place them in position or influencing people who have reached positions.

The Royal Family’s Balmoral & Sandringham estate was paid for by the Rothschilds. These gifts” are never called bribes”.

Banks dominating US

2008 saw the banking crisis resulting in 4 giant banks dominating US economy – JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America & Wells Fargo.

These along with Deutsche Bank, Banque Paribas, Barclays & other European cartels own the 4 oil giants & are the top 10 holders of every Fortune 500 corporation. This gives them control over the global economy.

The Banks are owned by the major families Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers Warburgs – together 13 families. They control the New York City banks which hold the controlling stock of the Federal Reserve Bank.

World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How the Global Elite Rules the World

Integrations – Rothschild & Morgans

In 1857 US bank Peabody Morgan & Company was in trouble but was saved by intervention of Bank of England via influence of Rothschild. When Peabody retired in 1864, Junius Morgan father of J P Morgan took over.

Rothschild-Barings Bank

Nathaniel Rothschild who headed Bank of England committee rescued Barings Bank in 1890. Rothschild also saved Kuhn Loeb, MM Warburg Bank.

The Rothschild, Rockefellers & other elite families agree to disagree but agree to remain elite rulers of the world & their intermarriages seal the unity. The kept the façade of disunity to keep public from discovering their objectives.

The families agreed on 5 objectives:

  1. Stop competition from nation’s new banks
  2. Obtain franchise to create money out of nothing to lend
  3. Control reserves of all banks so reckless ones would not be exposed
  4. Get taxpayers to pick up their inevitable losses
  5. Convince Congress their purpose was to protect public

They promoted the need for bankers to become partners with politicians using the Central Bank to issue money.

Clearly the bankers expected the govt to pass its losses on the taxpayers. This is exactly what we see happening. The manner that Govts have bailed out banks & companies heaping the burden of the bail out on the taxpayers shows the objective at play.

Prof Anthony Sutton detailed the links between Wall Street & US President Roosevelts family.

U.S. Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden, chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency, in 1932:

 ‘When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of the United States did not perceive that… this country was to supply financial power to an international superstate – a superstate controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure.’ 

The handful who created the Federal Reserve also ignited the Boer War in South Africa & the 2 Great Wars. World War 1 lost 20million lives & World War 2 lost 75million lives.

US Federal Reserve Bank

This private bank governs banking in the US.

7 men who represented Wall Street met in 1910 at the private resort of J P Morgan to create the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. These 7 men held ¼ of total wealth of the entire world.

  1. Nelson W Aldrich (Republican Whip / Chair of National Monetary Commission & father in law of John Rockefeller Jr
  2. Henry P Davison (Senior Partner J P Morgan)
  3. Charled D Norton (President of 1st National Bank of New York)
  4. Piatt Andrew (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
  5. Frank A Vanderlip (President National City Bank of New York representing William Rockefeller)
  6. Benjamin Strong (head of J P Morgan’s Bankers Trust Company)
  7. Paul M Warburg (partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company representing Rothschild & Warburgs in Europe)

US Federal Reserve is owned by Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans, Kuhn Loebs of New York, Rothschilds of Paris & London, Warburgs of Hamburg, Lazards of Paris, Israel Moses Seifs of Rome (Dean Henderson 2010)

Bank for International Settlements 

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) located in Basel, Switzerland, became the Central Bank of the Central Banks in 1930where financial control of the world financial system was put into private hands. These hands controlled the political system of every country & every economy. This meant these few who controlled the BIS ruled the world.

The Bank of International Settlements was mooted by Montagu Norman (Bank of England) & Benjamin Strong (Federal Reserve Bank) – they deemed that international finance would be dictated by central banks without interference from governments.

Bank of International Settlements is a private bank owned & controlled by the world’s chief central banks which are private corporations.

They controlled the Treasury of every govt – the loans govts take, they manipulated foreign exchange, they influenced economic activity of every nation, they influenced politicians by rewards in the business world (as seen by the manner politicians join international corporates upon retirement)

These investment bankers conversant in flows of credit & investment funds in own countries & across the world knew how to dominate the financial & industrial systems in their countries as they knew how to influence flow of current funds through bank loans, discount rate & re-discounting of commercial debts. Thus, they help create financial coups in their own nations. They do so on behalf of their masters who are not accountable to anyone. The BIS Agreement afford a range of privileges & immunities & BIS Board & their representatives in Central Banks are also immune from arrest or imprisonment (Swiss Federal Council & Bank for International Settlements legal status in Switzerland)

This means the BIS & its members are immune from any form of legal action by governments, international agencies & rule of law.

They keep politicians, academics & others in line by either rewards or penalties.

US Major General Smedly Butler describes his role in his 1935 book

‘War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious…. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives…. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.’

World War 2 

Prof Anthony Sutton claims Wall Street banks & US businesses supported Hitlers rise to power by financing & trading with Nazi Germany. This meant the War profited financial insiders – J P Morgan, T W Lamont, Rockefellers, General Electric, Standard Oil & National City, Chase & Manhattan banks, Kuhn Loeb & Co, General Motors, Ford Motor & others (Wall Street & the rise of Hitler)

US business collaboration with Nazis is revealed in I G Farben (German chemical complex out of 6 German companies) banker Max Warburg (brother of Paul of US Federal Reserve) was created by the Wall Street financier Hermann Schmitz a prominent Nazi who used I G Farben to fund Hitler in 1933. Though I G Farben was critical of Nazi war it was producing 95% of the gas used to exterminate people.

Oil Cartel

Dean Henderson revealed that the world’s oil cartel was in the hands of not 7 but 4 horsemen – Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco & Royal Dutch/Shell. He highlighted how oil was the main source of capital for international mega banks. The Gulf Cooperation Council sheiks are given 30 year treasury bonds at 5% interest, they loan the sheiks oil money out of Third World Govts & western consumers at 15-20% interest & use debt to leverage consolidating control of the global economy.

Transfer of powers from Nation State Elites to Transnational Elites

Prof Peter Philips in his 2018 Giants: The Global Power Elite shows transfer of power from nation state elites to transnational elites to control the global capital around the world. The Global Power Elite function as a NGO network.

Philipps identifies worlds top 17 asset management firms including – BlackRock, J P Morgan Chase that manage more than $50trillion in self-invested network of interlocking capital

Philipps identifies 199 individual directors of 17 global financial giants & their role in transnational institutions like World Bank, IMF, G20, G7, WTO, WEF, Trilateral Commission (55 members), Bilderberg Group. Bank for International Settlements, Council of Foreign Relations, the Group of Thirty (32 members)

How does the global elite defend its power, its profits & its privileges against rebellion by ‘unruly exploited masses” (Philipps) 

  • NATO
  • US military empire

Concentration of wealth & the greed to keep control of it has resulted in

  • Poverty
  • Wars
  • Starvation
  • Mass alienation
  • Media lies
  • Environmental hazards


  • Redistribution of wealth from the Global Elite to the Global Masses

Take the world’s largest corporations/industries – note how the corporate ownership is interlocked & owned by the same small group of giant asset management corporations – Vanguard, BlackRock & State Street. Behind all of these asset management firms, corporations, private funds & nonprofit organizations are the same families that rule the world. The inclusion of Chinese & Russian oligarchs/elites are also listed



China is being controlled by IT Corporations

Ironically, the data used by the Chinese govt are controlled by IT corporations that report to billionaires (through Israel & US) which bypass the Chinese govt.

Covid in China is driven by elite intelligence & finance corporations no different to the Opium War

Prof Sutton claims the Trilateral Commission (Zbigniew] Brzezinski) orchestrated transfer of technology to China making it a technocracy.

Russia’s post-covid economic restructuring embraced WEF’s 4thindustrial revolution in Oct 2021. Russia has agreed to allow corporations & institutions to deploy Artificial Intelligence & robots into the economy without red tape. Russia’s central bank is ready to test-run a digital ruble that can restrict purchases. Russia’s external management is by Big Tech, social global platforms & Big Pharma through WHO.

Elite & Tax Havens

The elite, its agents, organizations & those in China & Russia hold their wealth in tax globally located havens. Others also enjoying tax haven privileges include wealthy individuals, criminals, terrorists, govt agencies, banks, corporations, hedge funds, Vatican, crime syndicates that include cash, gold, artworks, racehorses etc – how much is this wealth accumulated?

They are protected by government legislation & legal systems. They have elite agents (accountants, auditors, bankers, business people, lawyers & politicians) to protect their interest. This wealth has been acquired from sex trafficiking, gun running, endangered species trafficking, conflict diamonds, drug trafficking)

If you have money – the law does not exist.

The power of the banking families over Global Economy is shrouded in secrecy

  • Their corporate media quick to discredit anyone or any information exposing them or their powers as conspiracy theories”.
  • People presenting valid views & arguments are branded as insane” or conspiracy theorists” & excluded from public debate.

(Eight Families & their Global Intelligence)

Prof Sutton says 

  • the political power of the US is not in the US constitution but in New Yorks financial establishment, the private international bankers & financial houses of J P Morgan, Rockefeller-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank & the Warburgs.
  • The US Congress has no control over the Federal Reserve System or the Federal Reserve Bank
  • US Federal Reserve is unaudited
  • US Federal Reserve has powers to print money & create credit at will
  • US Federal Reserve has monopoly over the US economy.
  • Council of Foreign Relations determines US foreign policy

Robert I Burrowes claims post World War 2 aims to 

  • Transforms World Order
  • Destroy the World Economy
  • Capture all wealth into the hands of the Global Elite 

How does he claim the aims are to be achieved

  • Using institutions such as UN, World Bank, IMF, US Sustainable Development Goals (imposing global governance on global population), global financial governance system. Note none of UN’s sustainable goals have taken any nation out of debt except continue debt imperialism.
  • World Economic Forum’s RESET using Covid-19 pandemic meant to impact political, economic, technological measures on nations.

 How will they achieve these aims?

  • World Bank & IMF to use debt to force countries to adopt policies that redistribute wealth via banks, corporations institutions (to the elite)
  • Corporations to use own ‘economic hit men’ to do same thing
  • Persuading leaders not to develop nations by using false economic projections & bribes to even military threats & assassinations.
  • Persuade leaders to accept enormous ‘development loans’ for projects which are contracted to western corporations – this makes countries trapped in debt
  • Once countries are trapped in debt – get govts to implement unpopular austerity measures, deregulate financial markets & privatize state assets (aim to erode national sovereignty) – Read New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – John Perkins.
  • Global Public-Private Partnership (presented by Klaus Schwab & Peter Vanham) on behalf of WEF (Stakeholder Capitalism – capitalists & their partners: the BIS, Central Banks, Global Corporations including media, philanthropic organizations, foundations of multibillionaires, policy think tanks, govts & their agencies, key NGOs & global charities, selected academic institutions, labor unions & their thought leaders” – this is the network identified by Iain Davis & Whitney Webb. This network controls world economy & global finance by setting world, national & local policy & promotes them using their media channels. Their policy is distributed through IMF, WB, WHO, WTO & govts are used to transform the Global PPP into hard policy legislation & law at national level. This way using GPPP nations are controlled without changes to national legislation & escapes legal challenges difficult too. People already notice the global governance overriding national sovereignty of states – national govts are quickly creating Global PPPs by taxing people & increasing govt borrowing – debt.
  • Global PPP is to determine future state of global relations & national economies & management of global people. People have no participatory role. Global Governance system will order elected govts to do as they wish, govts have no choice but to follow not the people’s wishes but the global governors.
  • New but same tactic – COP26 launched Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero which is UN-convened alliance of private banking/financial institutions claiming to overhaul global/regional financial institutions (WB/IMF) – but it will use multilateral development banks include WB, IBDB, ADB, African Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development to facilitate climate & environmental friendly investments. It comprises Net Zero Asset Managers/ Alliance & Bank Alliance & include CEOs of BlackRock, Citi, Bank of American, Banco Santander & HSBC, CEO of LSEG & Chair of Rockefeller Fund. Whitney Webb claims the new initiative sets to use multilateral development banks to impose deregulation on developing nations using decarbonization drive (using ‘saving the planet rhetoric)
  • Elite taking control of Nature – Sept 2021 launched a new asset class developed by Intrinsic Exchange Group & Rockefeller Foundation for Natural Asset Companies. Claiming sustainable enterprises hold rights to ecosystem services, that natural asset owners can convert nature’s value into financial capital. They are including life supporting services – food, water, timber, genetic resources, regulating services for climate, floods, disease, water quality, cultural services that provide aesthetic, spiritual benefit & supporting services such as soil formation, photosynethesis & nutrient cycling. WEB’s Global Future Council on Nature-Based Solutions urged investors, corporations & govts to create market-based mechanisms to value nature. This clearly shows the transfer of natural habitat into corporate hands.
  • The new asset class is to be put on the NYSE for investments in nature to finance sustainable development for communities, companies & countries.
  • Corporations are involved in land & resource grab – this enables Elite to own the ecosystem – waterfalls, lagoons, lakes, rivers, caves, wetland, coral reefs, fresh water, food, medicines, biodiversity, nature, fauna, flora – it will also means the indigenous will be displaced. Whatever commonly” used by commoners” will be in hands of Elite corporates. Nature will be reduced to a profit-making commodity. Who will watch Mother Nature’s Ecosystem be monetized & in control of only a handful. These are the very companies who have destroyed natural environments by exploiting fossil fuels, minerals, rainforest products & forcing indigenous people off their land.

We must appreciate the work of Robert J Burrowes for awakening people to realities of who rules the world

Shenali D Waduge

Source: news.google.com

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