Wells Fargo Fires Executive Who Peed On Woman On Air India Flight – One Mile at a Time

Wells Fargo Fires Executive Who Peed On Woman On Air India Flight  One Mile at a Time

It’s good to know that there are consequences for peeing on your fellow airline passengers, even if the punishment comes with a delay.

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Man urinates on woman in Air India business class

A few days ago I wrote about how a 72-year-old woman reported having been urinated on while traveling in Air India business class from New York to Delhi. The woman claims that after the lunch service was completed, a man who appeared drunk walked to her seat, unzipped his pants, relieved himself, and continued to expose himself.

Arguably worst of all, the crew didn’t seem to take the situation seriously. Not only did the urinating man not initially get any punishment from the crew, but the woman was basically told to sit in her urine-soaked seat.

While this incident happened back in late November 2022, it’s only getting media attention several weeks later. That’s because the traveler claimed she had tried to get a resolution with Air India, but found the airline wasn’t taking the situation seriously, which is why she went to the media.

Well, there’s now an interesting update to this story…

Wells Fargo fires urinating Air India business class passenger

On Friday, Wells Fargo fired an executive, who is reportedly the man behind this incident. Specifically, 34-year-old Shankar Mishra, who is Wells Fargo’s vice president of operations in India, was terminated. Here’s what the company said in a statement:

“Wells Fargo holds employees to the highest standards of professional and personal behavior and we find these allegations deeply disturbing. This individual has been terminated from Wells Fargo.”

The wildest part is that he’s facing more consequences than just losing his job. Air India has filed a formal criminal complaint against him, so Mishra decided to make a run for it. Police weren’t able to track him down until now, as he has finally been caught.

Mishra tried to escape by turning off his phone, though he had been communicating with friends via social media, and had also been using his credit card, allowing the police to track him. He has now been taken into custody, with Deputy Commissioner of Police Ravi Kumar Singh issuing the following statement:

“Accused Shankar Mishra in IGIA case has been arrested from Bengaluru by a Delhi Police team. He has been brought to Delhi and further investigation into the case is in progress.”

Meanwhile via a statement made through his lawyers, Mishra claims he had already compensated the woman at the time of the incident:

“The WhatsApp messages between the accused and the lady clearly show that the accused had got the clothes and bags cleaned on November 28 and the same were delivered on November 30.”

I’m sorry, paying for her clothes to be cleaned is now considered sufficient compensation for being peed on??? Goodness, this guy is going to have some interesting conversations going forward, explaining to people why he’s no longer at Wells Fargo…

Also, am I the only one who wonders how much this guy had to drink? I don’t know what kind of an altered state of mind someone would need to be in to think “oh, this seems like a great time to go and pee on someone on this plane.”

India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation is also investigating this incident, stating that “the conduct of the concerned airline appears to be unprofessional and has led to a systemic failure.”

Bottom line

A woman recently came public about being urinated on while traveling in Air India business class from New York to Delhi. While the airline didn’t initially take the situation seriously, the media attention seems to have helped with putting pressure on all parties.

Not only has a criminal complaint now been filed, but the man who urinated on the woman has been identified, and has been fired from his executive position at Wells Fargo. What an unfortunate way to end a career, though I’m happy to see that there’s some accountability.

What do you make of this incident?

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