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Welcome to the new year and a whole new collection of books to hit shelves. In a world where we’re rich in lifestyle books, let’s take a deep dive into the new lifestyle books hitting shelves in winter 2023.

What constitutes a lifestyle book? It’s the kind of book that helps you engage in hobbies, in curiosities, in hyper-specific interests or interests. These are nonfiction books that can be narrative (though often they are not). Lifestyle nonfiction offers up a wide range of interesting books that don’t always fit neatly under the umbrella of popular nonfiction — though, of course, some of them do become quite popular. Books like these also offer a diverse and inclusive range of voices and experiences, making for a great reading or browsing experience, even if the topic at hand is not necessarily something you might take off the page.

In winter 2023, there are tons of fascinating, engaging, and necessary lifestyle books hitting shelves. There are cookbooks spanning global cuisine, alongside books on astrology and personality, as well as books about art, craft, and garden creations. This is a wide-ranging list, broken up into (imperfect) categories to help you find those books that will scratch your itch for learning, growth, and fun this winter.

There is little question that lifestyle books have seen an upswing in the last few years. COVID lockdowns helped inspire people to explore new hobbies and interests and books have followed suit. Likewise, as more adults come to realize that hustle culture and capitalism aren’t the purpose of a full and meaningful life, so, too, do they dabble in finding new ways to create and explore.

What you will not find below: diet books or any cookbook linked to a specific diet or diet trend. You’ll also not find books on weight loss or health that is linked to weight. You will instead find books that celebrate food, celebrate cooking, and that deconstruct healthism and body shaming. Also not included are books on parenting or childcare, as well as self-help books that tackle mental health issues head on, such as guides to helping with depression or substance use; you’ll find books on mental health more broadly, including motivation, mindfulness, and confidence.

All descriptions for these books come from Amazon, as I’ve not made my way through many quite yet. But you better believe there are so many new titles on my towering TBR.

New Lifestyle Books in Winter 2023


6 Spices, 60 Dishes: Indian Recipes That Are Simple, Fresh, and Big on Taste by Ruta Kahate and Ghazalle Badiozamani (January 10)

Using just six spices—cayenne, coriander, cumin, turmeric, mustard seed, and asafetida—chef Ruta Kahate presents 60 delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and deliver rich, complex flavor. These dishes—including tons of nourishing veggies, raitas, grains, and dals—are fresh, healthy, and versatile enough to mix and match, plus they feature Instant Pot variations for maximum ease.

Serve up a quick lunch of Mustard Shrimp alongside a cool lettuce and citrus salad. Short on time after a busy day? Instant Pot your supper with a comforting Coconut Beef Stew. Prep a double batch of Parsi-Style Rajma on Sunday and enjoy it throughout the week—the flavors only get better over time.

With stories from Ruta Kahate’s culinary life around the world, plus vibrant, colorful photography that reflects the lively recipes within, 6 SPICES, 60 DISHES is a must-have for anyone who wants super-tasty, healthy meals that come together in a flash.

Desi Kitchen by Sarah Woods (March 2)

Desi Kitchen is a unique culinary roadmap to the diaspora of the Indian subcontinent in Britain today, with chapters covering regions from all over the UK and the desi communities that call each one home. Travelling from the Pakistani community of Glasgow to the Nepalese community of Kent and everywhere in between, the book explores how communities from different regions have blended their food and culture to create a cuisine that is distinct, special and diverse. From a Whole Roast Tandoori Chicken Dinner to Onion Bhaji Scotch Eggs and a Neeps and Tatties Keema Pie, these recipes are an exploration and celebration of the desi cuisines that make up modern Britain.

– Cook Gujarati Hasselback Potato Shaak for an alternative take on a side dish

– Make a Ugandan Chapatti Rolex for a great way to use leftover curry

– Sticky and Spicy Mango Chicken Wings are quick and easy to make and finger licking good

– Try Welsh Chilli Rarebit with curry oil and crispy shallots

– Dive into Peshawari Bread and Butter Pudding with honeyed figs

Packed with recipes, stories and authentic voices from each of the communities covered, Sarah Woods, finalist of BBC One’s Britain’s Best Home Cook and herself a second-generation Punjabi, has brought together this collection of dishes and provided a rare and privileged glimpse into desi kitchens from all over modern Britain.

On the Curry Trail: Chasing the Flavor That Seduced the World by Raghavan Iyer (February 28)

On the Curry Trail is an enlightening journey across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas to explore the origins of curry and the signature, essential curries of each region. This diaspora of curry brings alive not only the most iconic, category-defining recipes from these continents, but also the history, lore, anecdotes, and familial remembrances that fashion each dish. It delves into the story of curry—what it was and what it is, the places to which it has traveled and the ways it has evolved en route (whether because of local ingredients, cultural tastes, or other factors)—and embraces the many interpretations and definitions of this beloved dish.  It makes the flavors of these scintillating curries accessible to the everyday home cook. On the Curry Trail is at once a mash note and an education—one rich in history and sense of place—that tells the definitive, delectable story of this beguiling dish in 50 irresistible recipes. Illustrations throughout.

Flower Porn by Kaiva Kaimins  (January 17)

Fresh, artistic and cheeky designs for a new generation of creative florists.

Bold, modern and more than a little bit cheeky, Flower Porn ditches the traditional floral bouquets for designer arrangements that you can recreate at home. Kai Kaimins, founder of East London florist My Lady Garden, shows you how to fill your home or office with eye-catching, Instagram-worthy arrangements.

By following her flower recipes, you’ll unlock the secrets of color theory and get up close and personal with a huge array of blooms, season by season. Complete with an essential chapter on floristry techniques, this book will show you how to choose the best flowers for each arrangement, and prepare each stem to make sure that your bold creations will last.

Float into the pages of this flirty flower book to explore: 

Four chapters of flower arrangements are arranged by season, with each project presented as a recipe, complete with a food-related heading.

– A preliminary chapter will cover the key techniques and processes readers will need to create each flower recipe.

– Featuring vivid photography and modern layouts that capture Kai’s style and the My Lady Garden aesthetic.

There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of flowers, and there is absolutely nothing at all like the bouquets, arrangements and stunning displays in Flower Porn to bring beauty to a room.

Access Your Drive and Enjoy the Ride: Your Guide on How to Achieve Your Dreams from a Disabled Person by Lauren Spencer (February 7)

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer provides a candid and real inside look into the life of being a disabled person. This disability advocate embarks on the importance of visibility for the disabled community because representation matters!

Words from someone doing the work. Lolo Spencer gained popularity as a YouTube personality. On her platform, Sitting Pretty, she encourages viewers to achieve their dreams through making strong choices. Lolo shares how she navigates daily life with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). 

You are more than your limits. Choosing to see herself as more than a wheelchair handicapped disabled person, Lolo chooses to live a bold and courageous life now because representation matters. She created this intersectional guide to provide tools for disabled people to thrive in personal growth, independence, and community building. Add this guide to your list of inclusion books!

Inside, you’ll find:

An intersectional guide on how to grow personally and professionally

Tools for disabled people to live a full life despite limitations and expectations

Words from the inspiring Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, your favorite disability advocate

If you’re looking for gifts for disabled people to get encouraged like Disability VisibilityDemystifying Disability, or Rolling Warrior, you’ll love Rolling Pretty.

Everyday Radiance: 365 Zodiac-Inspired Prompts for Self-Care and Self-Renewal by Heidi Rose Robbins  (January 31)

Every day of the astrological year carries its own singular vibration. Knowing how to tap into them can provide deep and meaningful insights into our life journeys—our joys, wishes, flaws, and fears.

In EVERYDAY RADIANCE, discover a year’s worth of advice, clarity, and renewal through a collection of 365 zodiac-inspired prompts. Divided into the 12 months of the astrological year, each of the approximately 30 approachable and illuminating prompts for each sign provides a quick practice, writing exercise, or creativity nudge designed to harness the power of the day’s unique astrological energy.

Start on any day and follow the prompts throughout the year to nurture your most radiant self.

The Joy of Saying No: A Simple Plan to Stop People Pleasing, Reclaim Boundaries, and Say Yes to the Life You Want by Natalie Lue  (January 10)

Are you still playing a role you learned in childhood to please others, such as the Good Girl/Boy, the Overachiever, or the Helper? Though these kinds of roles may have gained us attention and affection, they prohibited us from becoming our true selves.

People-pleasing–putting others ahead of ourselves to avoid something negative or to get something we want or need–runs rampant in our society. Saying yes when we should say no leaves us stuck in frustrating patterns. And when we don’t say yes authentically, we say it resentfully, which leads to more problems than if we’d said no in the first place.

The Joy of Saying No will help you identify your people-pleasing style and habits. A six-step framework then teaches you how to discover the healing and transformative power of no to

– establish healthier boundaries,

– foster more intimate relationships and fulfilling experiences, and

– reconnect with your values and authentic self.

The Origins of You: How Breaking Family Patterns Can Liberate the Way We Live and Love by Vienna Pharaon (February 21)

None of us had a perfect childhood; we are all carrying around behaviors that don’t serve us—and may in fact be hurting us. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Vienna Pharaon. Our past might create our patterns, but we can change those patterns for the better…with the right tools.

In The Origins of You, Pharaon has unlocked a healing process to help us understand our Family of Origin—the family and framework we grew up within—and examine what worked (and didn’t) in that system. Certain dysfunctions (or “wounds”) in that Family of Origin will manifest in our adult behaviors in surprising ways, from work challenges to interpersonal struggles. But the good news: armed with the knowledge about our past, we can actually rewire our programming to meaningfully improve our relationships and our lives in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in therapy for decades, or whether therapy isn’t for you. It doesn’t matter if you have loads of memories from childhood, or struggle to remember anything at all. All that matters is your willingness to look inside yourself, and your determination to find a new way forward. Complete with guided introspection, personal experiences, client stories, frameworks for having difficult conversations, and worksheets to complement each chapter, The Origins of You will teach you how your family can both build you up and break you down…and how you can heal yourself for good.

You Are Strong and Worthy: Celebrating the Yogi in All of Us by Harmony Willow Hansen (March 28)

Yoga is the exercise of choice for so many because it makes you feel great in body and mind. But modern images of yoga have long featured the same kinds of bodies—white, slim, young, cis-gendered, able. Harmony Willow Hansen knows that a celebration of every kind of body brings more joy and inclusivity to all of us. She has been drawing joyful people in practice for years, creating a presence on Instagram that reaches hundreds of thousands of yoga lovers. Her figures include older people, trans people, differently-abled people, people in different body types and weights. Harmony’s art is all about bodies where anyone can find themselves and feel seen. Here are an array of positions including beginner poses, seated and low poses, lying down poses, standing poses, and partner poses, as well as prenatal and children’s poses and flow. Readers will share in the ease and confidence that radiate from these yogis. An ideal gift for any yoga lover.

Gardening and the Outdoors

Garden Up: Your One Stop Guide to Growing Plants at Home by Ekta Chaudhary (January 3)

Have you been trying to grow plants at home? Do you want to be able to eat fresh, organic produce and herbs from your balcony? Do you want beautiful plants around your home to add that extra love and warmth to your space?

YouTube sensation Ekta Chaudhary has been teaching gardening to her millions of followers, and for the first time, she is putting it all down in an easy-to-use, fun and simple beginner’s guide to growing plants at home. Right from the amount of light plants need, the kind of soil to use and plants that can thrive indoors and outdoors, to answering all ‘silly’ questions, Garden Up will put a green thumb on anyone!

B.F.F.: A Memoir of Friendship Lost and Found by Christie Tate (February 7)

After more than a decade of dead-end dates and dysfunctional relationships, Christie Tate has reclaimed her voice and settled down. Her days of agonizing in group therapy over guys who won’t commit are over, the grueling emotional work required to attach to another person tucked neatly into the past.

Or so she thought. Weeks after giddily sharing stories of her new boyfriend at Saturday morning recovery meetings, Christie receives a gift from a friend. Meredith, twenty years older and always impeccably accessorized, gives Christie a box of holiday-themed scarves as well as a gentle suggestion: maybe now is the perfect time to examine why friendships give her trouble. “The work never ends, right?” she says with a wink.

Christie isn’t so sure, but she soon realizes that the feeling of “apartness” that has plagued her since childhood isn’t magically going away now that she’s in a healthy romantic relationship. With Meredith by her side, she embarks on a brutally honest exploration of her friendships past and present, sorting through the ways that debilitating shame and jealousy have kept the lasting bonds she craves out of reach—and how she can overcome a history of letting go too soon. But when Meredith becomes ill and Christie’s baggage threatens to muddy their final days, she’s forced to face her deepest fears in honor of the woman who finally showed her how to be a friend.

Poignant, laugh-out-loud funny, and emotionally satisfying, B.F.F. explores what happens when we finally break the habits that impair our ability to connect with others, and the ways that one life—however messy and imperfect—can change another.

The Happiness Year: How to Find Joy in Every Season by Tara Ward (January 10)

The Happiness Year encourages you to explore different ways of discovering happiness through each season and shows you how to nurture this in your everyday life. Seasons tend to be associated with certain behaviors: spring with hope, summer with sociable relaxation, autumn with harvesting, winter with hibernating. The Happiness Year features a host of tips and exercises to encourage you to break away from certain patterns, including mindful breathing and meditation exercises to help you recharge and reflect, as well as simple projects and seasonal affirmations.

This uplifting book is for anyone seeking joy and wanting to explore the true meaning of happiness.

The Teachers: A Year Inside America’s Most Vulnerable, Important Profession by Alexandra Robbins (March 14)

A riveting, must-read, year-in-the-life account of three teachers, combined with reporting that reveals what’s really going on behind school doors, by New York Times bestselling author and education expert Alexandra Robbins.

Alexandra Robbins goes behind the scenes to tell the true, sometimes shocking, always inspirational stories of three teachers as they navigate a year in the classroom. She follows Penny, a southern middle school math teacher who grappled with a toxic staff clique at the big school in a small town; Miguel, a special ed teacher in the western United States who fought for his students both as an educator and as an activist; and Rebecca, an East Coast elementary school teacher who struggled to schedule and define a life outside of school. Robbins also interviewed hundreds of other teachers nationwide who share their secrets, dramas, and joys.

Interspersed among the teachers’ stories—a seeming scandal, a fourth-grade whodunit, and teacher confessions—are hard-hitting essays featuring cutting-edge reporting on the biggest issues facing teachers today, such as school violence; outrageous parent behavior; inadequate support, staffing, and resources coupled with unrealistic mounting demands; the “myth” of teacher burnout; the COVID-19 pandemic; and ways all of us can help the professionals who are central both to the lives of our children and the heart of our communities.

You Are Only Just Beginning: Lessons for the Journey Ahead by Morgan Harper Nichols (February 14)

Sometimes it’s difficult to take that first step into your future and embrace the unknown. In this collection of art and poetry, Morgan reimagines the classic heroine’s journey—from the very first call to adventure, through trials, hardships, and new relationships, all the way back home—and offers key lessons and affirmations to encourage and equip you every step of the way.

As you travel your own journey of self-discovery, you’re invited to:

Cultivate the courage you need to follow your passions

Develop curiosity about the natural world around you

Find comfort and inspiration for the inevitable trials on your journey

Reflect on how your past has prepared you

Step out in wonder and faith, knowing there is more for you

Morgan’s signature art fills every page of this book, making it a gorgeous addition to your bedside or coffee table. This is a lovely gift to give for birthdays, holidays, and graduations.

Look for the previous books in this series: All Along You Were Blooming and How Far You Have Come.

“You Just Need to Lose Weight”: And 19 Other Myths About Fat People by Aubrey Gordon (January 10)

The pushback that shows up in conversations about fat justice takes exceedingly predicable form. Losing weight is easy—calories in, calories out. Fat people are unhealthy. We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Fat acceptance “glorifies obesity.” The BMI is an objective measure of size and health. Yet, these myths are as readily debunked as they are pervasive.

In “You Just Need to Lose Weight,” Aubrey Gordon equips listeners with the facts and figures to reframe myths about fatness in order to dismantle the anti-fat bias ingrained in how we think about and treat fat people. Bringing her dozen years of community organizing and training to bear, Gordon shares the rhetorical approaches she and other organizers employ to not only counter these pernicious myths, but to dismantle the anti-fat bias that so often underpin them.

As conversations about fat acceptance and fat justice continue to grow, “You Just Need to Lose Weight” will be essential to ensure that those conversations are informed, effective, and grounded in both research and history.

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