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Engineers Gate Manager LP sells 6,733 AppFolio, Inc. shares …  Best Stocks

According to the most recent filing that Engineers Gate Manager LP made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm’s AppFolio, INC (NASDAQ: APPF) holdings were reduced by 55.0% during the third quarter (SEC). Following the disposal of 6,733 shares during the period in question, the company held 5,514 shares issued by the software manufacturer. When the most recent reporting period ended, Engineers Gate Management LP’s holdings in AppFolio amounted to $577,000.

As of late, numerous brokerage firms have expressed interest in purchasing shares of APPF as a result of its solid performance.

A research report issued by StockNews.com on November 19 and published on the same day gave AppFolio a rating of “sell,” which was a downgrade from the previous recommendation of “hold,” which had been given to the company.

In a research note published on January 24, DA Davidson increased their price target on AppFolio from $95.00 to $100.00 and improved their stock rating on the company from “underperform” to “neutral.” AppFolio received an “overweight” rating from KeyCorp in a research note that was made public on Friday, January 27.

Additionally, KeyCorp raised its price objective from $131.00 to $140.00, reflecting the company’s belief that the stock trades at a discount.

Three different financial analysts have provided their ratings for the stock:
Two of them have given it a buy rating.
One has given it a hold rating.
One has given it a sell rating.
According to the data made available by Bloomberg, the current rating for AppFolio is “Hold,” and the price objective set for the stock is $123.67.
Several institutional investors and hedge funds have made various adjustments to the holdings of the APPF that they are in control of over the past few months.

The AppFolio stock owned by US Bancorp DE increased by 206.7% during the second quarter due to the company’s acquisition of additional shares. US Bancorp DE now has 322 shares of the software maker’s stock, currently valued at $29,000, after purchasing an additional 217 shares during the preceding quarter.

This brings the total number of shares that the company owns to a total of 322.

During the first three months of 2016, AppFolio was granted funding from Federated Hermes, INC for $39,000.

Tower Research Capital LLC (TRC) brought its total percentage of AppFolio shares held at the end of the third quarter up by 43.1% from the beginning of the quarter.

Tower Research Capital LLC (TRC) increased its holdings in the software developer’s stock during the most recent quarter by purchasing an additional 214 shares.

This brought its total holdings to 710 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $74,000. Quantbot Technologies LP made a brand new investment in AppFolio during the first three months of 2018, costing them $167,000.

Last but not least, Victory Capital Management INC purchased AppFolio shares for 213,000 dollars during the third quarter.

This certainly should not be considered the least important transaction. 64.79 percent of the company’s stock is owned by institutional investors, who have purchased large blocks of shares.
Shares of APPF were first made available for purchase on the market on Friday for $121.79.

The company’s market capitalization is currently sitting at $4.31 billion, its price-to-earnings ratio is -62.46, and its beta value is 0.98.

AppFolio, INC has traded at a range of prices over the last year, with a low of $79.92 and a high of $135.81.

The current price is $135.81.

The stock price is currently trading at a level above the 50-day moving average of $120.57 and the 200-day moving average of $112.51.
On January 26, the most recent earnings report for AppFolio, which is publicly traded and can be found under the NASDAQ: APPF, was made available to the public.

The earnings per share for the software provider came in at $0.56 for the quarter, which was $0.23 less than the average expectation of $0.33.

The actual quarterly sales for the company came in at $124.06 million, which is considerably higher than the predictions of industry experts, which were $117.00 million.

AppFolio’s return on equity (which came in at a negative 24.97%) and its negative net margin (which came in at 14.44%) were negative.

The projections of those knowledgeable in this field indicate that AppFolio, INC will incur a loss of $1.48 per share throughout the current fiscal year.

AppFolio, INC offers cloud-based business software solutions, services, and data analytics to professionals working in the real estate industry.

These solutions and services are developed with the industry in mind.

Both AppFolio Property Management and AppFolio Investment Management are services that can be obtained from this business.

AppFolio Investment Management is a software solution hosted in the cloud and designed for real estate investment managers of varying sizes.

It offers real estate investment managers tools and services that are intended to streamline the operations of their real estate investment management businesses.

AppFolio Property Manager is a software solution that runs in the cloud and offers tools and services designed to make real estate investment management businesses run more efficiently.

AppFolio Property Manager is a property management solution developed to meet the operational and business needs of property management organizations and the business ecosystems in which they operate.

This need was identified during the development of AppFolio Property Manager.

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