PNC Financial Services Group Inc. Increases Stake in iShares Select Dividend ETF

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May 21, 2023 – The PNC Financial Services Group Inc., a well-known American banking corporation, recently made headlines after lifting its stake in the iShares Select Dividend ETF by 2.1% during the fourth quarter of the previous year. This revelation was made through the company’s most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the financial report, PNC had acquired an additional 96,600 shares of DVY stock and now owned around 4,658,191 shares in total.

The iShares Select Dividend ETF is an exchange-traded fund that focuses on high dividend-yielding equities in the U.S. It provides investors with exposure to companies with consistent dividend payouts and sustainable earnings growth over time. Moreover, it holds some of America’s biggest and most well-established firms such as McDonald’s and Intel.

PNC’s decision to raise their holding in DVY proves that they have a strong vote of confidence in not only the ETF but also in companies that offer sizeable dividends consistently. With their ownership tallying up to $561,778,000 at the end of last year’s reporting period of DVY worth was highest among all institutional investors.

Investors’ interest has naturally sparked after this acquisition because it provides an insight into PNC’s overall investment strategy for this year as these decisions typically impact other firms looking to invest money. It highlights a healthy level of confidence in conservative investments like those found within DBY, which can provide consistent returns for buyers looking for long-term market opportunities instead of rapid growth potential.

Overall, this move by PNC Financial Services Group Inc. shows their astute business acumen as well as their commitment towards creating a balanced portfolio aligned with long-term financial goals. This paints quite the picture for DVY given that one of America’s respected banks is willing to put its money behind such an enterprise.

In conclusion, the acquisition of additional shares by PNC in DVY proves to be a significant event for the financial industry. It displays their confidence and affinity towards companies that provide sound dividends consistently, which undoubtedly bodes well for institutional investors as well as retail patrons looking for dependable stock options. Given the current market climate rife with uncertainty, astute investors like PNC are highly appreciated and lauded for their prudent investment maneuvers.


Updated on: 21/05/2023

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Institutional Investors Show Confidence in iShares Select Dividend ETF for High Yield Dividend Opportunities

In the world of finance and investing, the movements and decisions made by institutional investors and hedge funds can have a significant impact on the market. Recent reports indicate that a number of these large-scale investors have been actively trading shares of iShares Select Dividend ETF (NASDAQ:DVY). This exchange-traded fund has garnered attention for its focus on companies that consistently provide high dividend yields.

Sowell Financial Services LLC is just one example of an institutional investor that has taken an interest in iShares Select Dividend ETF. The company recently raised its holdings in shares of the fund by an astounding 7,874.8% in the first quarter alone. Mariner LLC also increased its stake in iShares Select Dividend ETF by 143.2%. Meanwhile, Bank of New York Melon Corp saw fit to buy an additional 354,839 shares during the last quarter, while Royal Bank of Canada added 251,913 shares to its own holdings.

These transactions illustrate how institutional investors continue to show confidence in iShares Select Dividend ETF’s ability to provide consistent performance within the volatile realm of finance. Even UBS Group AG raised their holdings by nearly 19% during Q4 2022.

Despite this widespread participation by institutional investors, regular traders should exercise caution when considering whether or not to invest in iShares Select Dividend ETF. As with any investment opportunity, it is important to consider all relevant factors before making a decision.

Currently trading at $111.42 as at May 21st, 2023 with a dipping value due to stress from recent events faced by two major companies owned it’s stock ; Seagate technology call center breach incident and Uber autonomous car accident which affected the performance Dow Jones US and tech market subindexes contributing towards dvys market capitalization currently valued at $20.29 billion. DVY has shown relative stability over time even as it experienced lows like over money markets crash which affected it’s trading volume greatly but still has managed to cross its initial public offering price and reach $131.39. With a P/E ratio of 11.69, this fund is is closely tracked by investors thanks to iShare’s association with BlackRock and past performance indicative of long term growth.

When it comes to entering the market of exchange-traded funds, it is always important to consider all relevant factors and consult with financial experts before making a decision. For those looking for exposure to companies that provide high dividend yields, however, iShares Select Dividend ETF may be worth a second look. As of May 21st institutions held almost 44% of the total shares available on NASDAQ:DVY exchange adding an extra layer of determination behind the stocks performance trends. Further due research and taking calculated risks will give better odds for profitable outcomes in every trade made.exchange adding another layer of determination behind the stock’s performance trends.

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