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The process of selling the Commanders is creating far more entertainment than anything the team has done in recent years.

Separate and apart from lingering concerns regarding whether the bid from Josh Harris to buy the team will meet with the approval of at least 24 owners is the lawsuit filed by Brian Davis’s Urban Echo Energy against Bank of America, both for failing to communicate a $7.1 billion bid to Snyder and for failing to return a whopping $5.1 billion in bank drafts.

The presiding judge held a status conference on Friday. Via sports betting attorney Daniel Wallach, Bank of America raised questions about the legitimacy of the bank drafts.

“The documents we have in our possession raise considerable concerns about their genuineness,” Bank of America’s counsel said. “The documents look fictitious.”

If they are, that opens a can of worms for Urban Echo and its lawyers, since the lawsuit is founded on the notion that $5.1 billion was tendered as part of the effort to buy the team. Anyone who claimed that the documents were real if they weren’t faces the wrath of the justice system.

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