Goldman Sachs Asset Management Announces Liquidation of Goldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renaissance Fund

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NEW YORK–()–Goldman Sachs Asset Management (“GSAM”), investment adviser for the Goldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renaissance Fund (the “Fund”) (NYSE: GER), announced today that the Fund’s Board of Trustees, at the recommendation of GSAM, has approved a plan of liquidation and dissolution (the “Plan”) for the Fund. Under the Plan, which is effective today, the Fund will begin the process of liquidating portfolio assets and unwinding its affairs in an orderly fashion over time. The Plan is not subject to shareholder approval.

Kyri Loupis, co-chief investment officer of the Liquid Real Assets business within GSAM and portfolio manager for GER stated: “After careful consideration, we concluded that liquidating the Fund was the best path forward in order to realize value to shareholders. In the last three years, we have taken multiple steps to reduce the Fund’s discount to net asset value including increasing the dividend by 55% and conducting a buyback program which resulted in the retirement of 2.58 million shares or 15.0% of total shares outstanding. We remain very constructive on the fundamentals of the energy infrastructure sector and believe that it is poised to deliver attractive growth in the next few years.”

Steve Barry, head of the Fundamental Equity business within GSAM also stated: “GSAM remains one of the largest asset managers in the energy infrastructure sector. We believe in the longer-term prospects of the sector and are excited to continue delivering sector exposure to our clients via separate accounts and pooled investment vehicles.”

Additional information about the Fund’s liquidation, including the anticipated timing and amount of the Fund’s liquidating distribution to shareholders, will be released in advance of the completion of the Fund’s liquidation.

A liquidation may have important tax consequences for the Fund and its investors. Investors should be aware that a determination of the tax consequences to them should take into account their specific circumstances and that the tax law is subject to change in the future or retroactively and investors are strongly urged to consult with their own tax advisor regarding any potential strategy, investment or transaction.

Goldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renaissance Fund

Goldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renaissance Fund is a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Energy & Infrastructure Team, which is among the industry’s largest energy infrastructure investment groups.

The Fund began trading on the NYSE on September 26, 2014. The Fund seeks a high level of total return with an emphasis on current distributions to shareholders. The Fund invests primarily in master limited partnerships (“MLPs”) and other energy investments. Effective immediately, the Fund may depart from its stated investment objective and policies as it prepares to liquidate and distribute its assets to shareholders. It is anticipated that the Fund’s portfolio will be positioned into cash, cash equivalents or other liquid assets on or prior to the Fund’s liquidation. The liquidation of the Fund’s portfolio is likely to result in increased transaction costs, which will be borne by the Fund and its shareholders.

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Shares of closed-end investment companies frequently trade at a discount from their net asset value (“NAV”), which may increase investors’ risk of loss. At the time of sale, an investor’s shares may have a market price that is above or below NAV, and may be worth more or less than the original investment. There is no assurance that the Fund will meet its investment objective. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investments in securities of MLPs involve risks that differ from investments in common stock, including among others risks related to limited control and limited rights to vote on matters affecting MLPs, potential conflicts of interest risk, cash flow risks, dilution risks and trading risks.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. The Fund has completed its initial public offering. Investors should consider their investment goals, time horizons and risk tolerance before investing in the Fund. An investment in the Fund is not appropriate for all investors, and the Fund is not intended to be a complete investment program. Investors should carefully review and consider the Fund’s investment objective, risks, charges and expenses before investing.

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1 Assets Under Supervision (AUS) includes assets under management and other client assets for which Goldman Sachs does not have full discretion. AUS figure as of March 31, 2023.

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