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JPMorgan Chase employees have been criticized for mocking a Diversity Equity and Inclusion style guide that aims to eliminate anti-“woke” language within the company. The guide contains a list of “not recommended” words and phrases that employees are encouraged to avoid using, stating that language matters in reflecting the company’s values of respect, equity, and inclusion. The guide includes suggestions for more inclusive terminology, such as replacing gendered terms like “man hours” with “labor hours” and avoiding phrases like “good schools” and “good neighborhoods” in favor of “well-resourced.” The guide also discourages using potentially offensive terms like “blacklist” and “pow-wows.”

Certain terms like “cakewalk” are deemed inappropriate due to their historical connotations, particularly in relation to the mistreatment of enslaved African Americans. The guide also cautions against using the word “articulate” as a compliment, as it may suggest that the recipient is expected to be less competent or well-spoken. Additionally, the glossary includes detailed definitions of woke terms like “microaggressions,” which are described as verbal or nonverbal slights that communicate negative messages based on a person’s community affiliation. Despite the focus on inclusive language, some within the company have dismissed these guidelines as unnecessary and unhelpful.

JPMorgan has faced criticism from some employees and industry experts for its emphasis on DEI initiatives, with concerns raised about the effectiveness and impact of such efforts. While the company maintains a dedicated webpage showcasing its support for DEI and announced a significant financial commitment to advancing economic inclusion among minority customers, there are doubts about the true motivations behind these initiatives. Some argue that DEI programs may be creating divisive racial tensions within organizations rather than fostering genuine progress and equality.

A representative for JPMorgan clarified that the internal glossary of recommended language has been in place since 2021 and that compliance with its suggestions is entirely voluntary. The company has highlighted several offensive terms that are to be avoided, such as “cakewalk,” “white list,” “black list,” and “conflict in Ukraine.” The use of terms like “disabled,” “illegal immigrant,” “man hours,” and “manpower” is also discouraged. Despite the existence of these guidelines, there are internal criticisms of the DEI infrastructure within JPMorgan, with claims that the focus on woke language is creating unnecessary friction and not yielding tangible results in terms of diversity and inclusion efforts.

Critics of DEI initiatives like Jason Curtis Anderson, policy director of the nonprofit One City Rising, argue that such programs may prioritize the interests of racial grievance bureaucrats over genuine organizational goals and improvements. The layer of bureaucracy surrounding DEI efforts may lead to performative displays of support without substantial outcomes or progress. While JPMorgan continues to promote its commitment to DEI values, there are concerns raised about the impact and effectiveness of these initiatives within the company. Despite the controversy surrounding the use of woke language guidelines, the company maintains its stance on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within its workforce and operations.

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