Wells Fargo’s May 2024 Highlights: Fresh Promo Codes, Bonuses and Exclusive Offers

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All banks want your business, and they’re willing to pay you money for opening a bank account, often with special incentives for new customers. Wells Fargo promotions are no exception. In some cases, you can earn hundreds of dollars from Wells Fargo bonus offers to start or boost your savings.

Wells Fargo Bank Account Promotions

If you are looking for a new checking account, it may be a good idea to find one that’s offered by a trusted bank where you can get rewarded for your effort. Here are the details on how you can earn a Wells Fargo checking account bonus or savings account bonus.

Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Account: $300 Bonus

Wouldn’t it be nice if the next time you went to the bank or hit a Wells Fargo campus ATM, there was some extra cash just waiting in your bank account? There are many checking accounts out there, but signing up for one with a $300 bonus might just be a reason to become a Wells Fargo customer.

  • Cash value: $300
  • Minimum opening deposit: $25
  • Expiration date: June 25, 2024
  • How to get it: Open an Everyday Checking account as a new customer through the offer webpage. After opening your account, you must receive $1,000 or more in qualifying electronic deposits within 90 days.
  • When you’ll get it: After a 90-day qualification period has passed and you’ve met the requirements, Wells Fargo will deposit any earned bonus into your new checking account within 30 days of approval.
  • Terms and conditions: You are not eligible for this bonus if you are a Wells Fargo employee, are a current owner of a Wells Fargo consumer checking account or have already received a bonus for opening a Wells Fargo consumer checking account within the last 12 months.
  • Monthly fees: $10 monthly unless you maintain a daily balance of at least $500, meet deposit requirements, have your account linked to a Wells Fargo Campus ATM card or a Campus Debit card or are 17-24 years old
  • Promotion page: Wells Fargo Everyday Checking bonus

Wells Fargo Premier Checking Account: $2,500 Bonus

Here’s a look at how you can earn a $2,500 bonus by opening a Wells Fargo Premier Checking account and meeting certain requirements.

  • Cash value: $2,500
  • Minimum opening deposit: $25
  • Expiration date: June 25, 2024
  • How to get it: Request a bonus offer code by entering your email address from the promotion page. Open a new Premier Checking account with an opening deposit of at least $25 at a Wells Fargo branch and provide the bonus offer code to the banker in person.
  • When you’ll get it: Within 30 days of meeting all requirements, the bonus will be deposited into your bank account. 
  • Terms and conditions: You must bring $250,000 or more in new deposits to qualifying linked accounts within 45 days of opening the account and maintain that as a balance through day 90 after the account is upgraded or opened.
  • Monthly fees: $35 monthly service fee, but you can avoid the monthly service fee by maintaining a balance of $250,000 in this or linked accounts 
  • Promotion page: Wells Fargo Premier Checking bonus

Wells Fargo Savings Account: $525 Bonus

Both Wells Fargo savings accounts, Way2Save and Platinum Savings, offer great ways to save your money and build up your accounts with features like overdraft protection and the option to make automatic monthly transfers into your savings account.

  • Minimum deposit to qualify: $25
  • Expiration date: June 25, 2024
  • How to get it: Request a bonus offer code by entering your email address from the promotion page. Head to a Wells Fargo branch and open an eligible savings account with a minimum deposit of $25. Provide the banker with the bonus offer code when you open the account.
  • When you’ll get it: 30 days after meeting all the qualifying requirements
  • Terms and conditions: You must deposit $25,000 of new money to your savings account and maintain at least a $25,000 minimum daily balance for the first 90 days.
  • Monthly fees:
    • For the Way2Save Savings account: $5 fee per statement cycle, which can be waived by keeping a daily minimum balance of $300 or if the account owner is under the age of 25
    • For the Platinum Savings account: $12, unless you maintain a daily minimum balance of $3,500
  • Promotion page: Wells Fargo savings account bonus

Best Wells Fargo Promotions: Credit Card Offers

When it comes to credit card bonus offers, there might be a list of restrictions that you should know before trying to qualify. Make sure to always read the fine print, and take advantage of the offers on the table. 

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card: $200 Bonus

With the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card, you can enjoy unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases, with no restrictive spending categories or annual fees. New cardholders will also receive an introductory APR. Here are the bonus details:

  • Cash value: $200
  • Minimum spend to qualify: $500
  • Expiration date: None
  • How to get it: Open a new Wells Fargo Active Cash Visa credit card and spend at least $500 within three months after account opening.
  • When you’ll get it: Within one to two billing cycles after meeting the requirements
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Promotion page: Wells Fargo Active Cash Card bonus

How To Open a Wells Fargo Account

To take advantage of Wells Fargo promotions and bonuses, you need to open a new Wells Fargo checking account, savings account or credit card account. Fortunately, the bank makes opening a new credit card or deposit account easy and convenient. Here are a couple of ways to open an account:

  • Apply online for a credit card, checking account or savings account. Note that some promotions require opening an account at a branch.
  • Visit any Wells Fargo branch. You can use the online branch locator to find the one nearest to you.

Final Take To GO: Is Wells Fargo Right for You?

With the potential to earn cash back if you open a credit card or pad your checking account with a Wells Fargo sign-up bonus, it’s worth looking into becoming a Wells Fargo customer. Wells Fargo is an ideal bank for customers who want nationwide access to brick-and-mortar branches in addition to online and mobile banking options. Plus, it offers a full suite of banking products and services like savings accounts and CD accounts. All in all, Wells Fargo qualifies as a one-stop shop for banking needs.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Wells Fargo promotions.
  • Does Wells Fargo have a $400 checking bonus?
    • Though it has had $400 checking bonuses in the past, Wells Fargo is currently offering a $300 checking bonus when you sign up for an Everyday Checking account as a new customer through the offer webpage.
    • Wells Fargo is also offering a $2,500 bonus if you open a Premier Checking account at a Wells Fargo branch and provide the bonus offer code to the banker in person.
    • You will have to meet the deposit requirements for both. You can take advantage of either of these Wells Fargo offers through June 25.
  • Does Wells Fargo have a savings account bonus of $500?
    • Wells Fargo is currently offering a $525 savings account bonus. You will have to meet specific deposit requirements after opening an account. This offer is good through June 25.
  • Does Wells Fargo do referral bonuses?
    • Wells Fargo does not have a refer-a-friend program. It does not let cardholders refer friends to earn bonus rewards. The only way to earn a bonus on a Wells Fargo credit card is to meet the spending requirements. Other ways to earn bonuses include current sign-up bonuses for Everyday Checking, Premier Checking or Wells Fargo savings accounts.

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